Some of my favorite apps! :D

I know it may seem a little silly to dedicate an entire post to my favorite Apple apps, but these have saved me countless hours of boredom while doing things like waiting for the bus. Some of them are extremely useful for my everyday life, too! They all can be found in the iTunes store, most of them absolutely free : )

1. Instagram I just downloaded this app this morning, and I’m already impressed. Because the iPod touch has such a low-quality camera (by my standards, at least), I’ve been looking for a good filter app. And this is just that! Instagram mimics the look of vintage photography. Most of the filters have a very Polaroid-esque and hipster feel to them. Pictures of everyday objects suddenly transform into art! Here are two screenshots from my iPod. Click to enlarge!

2. NYCMate I don’t know about you guys, but I have the worst sense of direction ever. I consider Google Maps to be one of my closest friends, and if I were to ever have my own car, having a GPS would be a necessity. >.<; Although I take pride in being a New Yorker, I admit that I don’t know the subway and bus lines by heart. Thus, this app comes into the picture! NYCMate provides me with the NYC subway map, bus maps of every borough, and even the LIRR map. Don’t count on me getting lost anymore. :P It’s also the perfect app for the casual New York tourist!

3. Face-Look I know I’ve mentioned this app to you guys before, but I must repeat myself, because it’s too cute! Face-Look recreates the purikura (Japanese photobooth) experience, and lets you decorate your images with adorable stamps! I bought this app for $1.99 but it’s totally worth it. It’s the perfect way to capture memories with your best friend or significant other. :P What sets this app apart from other photobooth apps is the amount of decorations/frames/options it has. Almost endless!

4. NoteMaster If there’s one significant quirk about me, I’m obsessed with lists. My memory is so awful that I need to write everything down, or else I’d forget it. >.<; Hence, this app was perfect for me! The free version limits you to only 7 lists, but that’s plenty for me. And before you ask, yes, there is a default Notes app that comes with the iPhone/iPod touch. But NoteMaster wins me over because you can choose from about 20 different backgrounds, 8 fonts, and the ability to insert images into your notes! :o

5. Robot Unicorn Attack This game by Adult Swim is a cult favorite – from the flamboyant/addictive song playing in the background, to the rainbows and sparkles trailing behind you, what more can you ask for? Be warned, though.. this game gets pretty difficult. It cost me $0.99 to buy the app, but it provides me with so much joy. :’)

6. Defend Your Castle This was one of my favorite flash games in middle school! Now, a slightly different version is available for me to play on-the-go. :D The entire premise of this game is to.. defend your castle. Duh. You use your finger to launch enemies into the air, ultimately making them splat onto the ground. At the higher levels, it becomes increasingly difficult when mobs of stick figures come for you. Fortunately, you can hire archers and magicians to help you out. : )

My favorite apps aren’t limited to these alone – there are plenty that I’ve downloaded and enjoyed, each in their own unique way. I tend to delete the less necessary ones regularly, though, just to keep things fresh. But I think I’ll have these around for a while. :P What are YOUR favorite apps?


4 responses to “Some of my favorite apps! :D

  1. For me, it’s all about the Angry Birds. I’ve had so much fun playing it. Now that it’s over, I don’t know what I’ll do with my life when I’m bored in class.

    I also love Twitter, Wikipedia, and Dictionary.

    I also love Google Maps, GPSLite, and NYCMate, because they help me to get around and stuff. Love my iPhone!

    Love you moar though.

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