Halloween 2010

Hey guys! How did you celebrate your Halloween? I decided to get together with some of my old high school friends. : ) This year, I dressed up as Alice from the first Resident Evil movie. Luckily, I was able to find everything I needed in my closet. I’ve had the red dress for ages, so I just pinned up the front with two safety pins. Adding a pair of black shorts and knee-high boots just finished the look. Excuse the dirty mirror, again! >.<;

Here’s me and Michael. He was supposed to be Fast Food Man:

Peter and Felicia came dressed as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers:

Scott and Kirsten came as Edward Cullen and Buffy Summers:

And John dressed up as a Scout from Team Fortress 2:

We hung out at John’s house for a couple of hours – played Rock Band 3, ordered pizza, and watched a little bit of Matrix: Revolutions. Then we realized we had to get to the NYC Halloween Parade site a little bit earlier than we had planned, since they were closing off several streets and the subway nearby there was undergoing construction, therefore delays.

Upon arriving at the parade.. we found it to be  little chilly, slow, and boring. We left after about 20 or 30 minutes, because everyone else was hungry. Headed to Moonstruck Diner for some dinner – even though half of us ordered breakfast food. :P All in all, I had a great night with everyone. I don’t really get to do this often, since I’m away at school most of the year. :X

In regards to this blog, I promise to update more frequently in the future. I’ve just been busy with school and work lately. As soon as Michael buys a car, though, I’ll be posting about all the fun adventures we’ll be having. Until next time! :D


4 responses to “Halloween 2010

  1. What a fun day! Especially the train ride back :P

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  3. improperintegirl

    yep, it was awesome, minus the cold and crowds.

  4. awwws sounds like so much fun :) everyone’s costumes look fantastic!

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