Vivienne Westwood shoes on

I love Vivienne Westwood. She’s an amazing designer who mixes posh with punk. Reading her Wikipedia article might give more insight as to how and why she is seen as “legendary” in some people’s eyes. Seeing her signature Saturn orb logo on many of her designs literally makes me squeal with joy. I even have an imitation necklace that my friend Edwin bought for me at a cute jewelry shop in St. Mark’s:

This afternoon, I was lusting after her Anglomania shoe line on Zappos. Although everything is so expensive, many styles and colors are on sale for 50% off! :o Here are my five favorite pairs on the website. : )

1) Melissa Lady Dragon IV, in Pearl

2) Melissa Lady Dragon, in Red

3) Lady Dragon Heart II, in Gray

4) Ultragirl V, in Gold

5) Lady Dragon, in Beige

There are a ton of styles and colors available on Zappos, though I think these favorite pairs of mine are similar because I have consistent taste. XD But even at 50% off, these shoes are still expensive. And by that, I mean hovering between $85 and $150 per pair! But a girl can still dream, right? <3


2 responses to “Vivienne Westwood shoes on

  1. I am in LOVE with the first Dragon Lady posted & the Ultragirl V. Sooo expensive. Whyy :(

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