Why must the perfect pair of jeans be so elusive?

Being short sucks. You know why? Because it takes forever to find a pair of denim jeans that fit me well. When I first discovered skinny jeans, I was amazed by how much slimmer they made my legs and thighs look, compared to straight-legged or bootcut jeans. The only downside was that most jeans ran way too long on me. (I always had to cut the bottoms off, then hem them.) Unfortunately, most stores only cater to young women who are at least five inches taller than me. Whenever I look at the denim selection in most stores, they don’t even carry “short” or “petite” sizes. I’m going to shamelessly admit that I’m a size seven – a very petite size seven. My inseam is about 27″, whereas the regular length is almost always 32″. It’s a huge difference that’s caused me huge problems in the past.

Fortunately, though, there ARE stores that offer shorter inseams. It comes with a price, though. The denim at Delia’s are probably the most comfortable, well-fitting jeans I have ever tried on in my entire life. o_o BUT they run at almost $50 a pair. =/ I don’t know about the average college student, but I sure can’t afford to buy two or more pairs of those, especially with New York tax. Thankfully, I can always count on PacSun for providing me with quality jeans for a reasonable price.

PacSun has a year-round sale on skinny jeans, 2 for $55. During special promotions, it may be even cheaper! :o I knew the quality was great, as I’ve purchased jeans and shorts from them over a year ago. So I figured I’d stick with something familiar. : ) Yesterday.. I walked in and grabbed a pair of denim leggings (not jeggings) in Rinsed Indigo, and a pair of super skinny jeans in Dark Vintage, in size 7 short . The wash of the jeans aren’t accurate to the pictures in these images or on the website, though. They run slightly darker, which I don’t mind at all. :D

They hug my curves perfectly, and aren’t too long on me! They’re so comfortable to wear, don’t stretch out too much throughout the day, and come in a great variety of shades/washes. I would recommend jeans from PacSun to everyone I know over and over again. <3


One response to “Why must the perfect pair of jeans be so elusive?

  1. If you’re interested, I have a couple of pacsun jeans that I’ve outgrown/lost too must weight to wear. Ive been looking to give them away rather than throw them out. :3 Totally a weird offer, but you know you love me. <3

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