My new student ID photo is AWFUL. D:

I’m not even exaggerating! Because my old student ID card had a huge crack in it, the magnetism strip was voided. And I kind of need it functional in order to get inside my building, buy food with my meal plan, and do laundry. XD So despite not wanting to pay the ridiculous $25 replacement fee, I had to get a new one the other day. And I swear that they run the photo (taken on the spot, mind you) through an “ugly filter” before printing it out. I’m really not this dark, nor is my face stretched that long or wide. <.<; If you can bear how bad the photos are.. here’s my old and new student ID, respectively.

Also, as you guys may or may not know, one of my favorite magazines happens to be ViVi. Unfortunately, it’s only printed in Japan, so buying them imported would be too expensive. Luckily, this LiveJournal community provides me with scans every month. :D  I was flipping through the November issue last night when I noticed a huge Autumn trend: thigh-high socks. There were literally six pages, with several girls on each, featuring them. Click on the following scans to see!

I really find the trend cute. But I also want to be practical. Chances are the average young woman isn’t going to have long, stick-thin, Japanese model legs. If your legs are just the tiniest bit chunky, it will show when you wear a pair of these. On more petite women, all thigh-highs do is make their legs look even shorter. And through experience, most thigh-high socks come in only one size, and might as well be tights with how long they are on me. Even if you do have the ideal legs, the material will stretch and start to fall throughout the day. And pulling them up every couple of steps isn’t a pretty sight. But after the next wash and dry, they’ll be perfectly taut again. : ) I just wish some trends were universally flattering! >.<;

Speaking of universally flattering, I believe that heels can look good on any woman, much like the color black does. They make your legs look longer, your whole body look slimmer and taller, and are supposedly a great workout for your thighs and calves. Though I look at the models in the magazines and the fashionistas walking around my campus, and wonder how they can possibly wear heels all the time! o_o But thanks to several articles I’ve found through Google, it makes sense that these women, who have probably been wearing heels on a regular basis for years, have trained the arches of their feet to the form. And although it may be a little painful at first, anyone can do it gradually with enough patience. With that said.. my goal this Fall is to actually wear heels more often until I don’t look awkward and uncomfortable anymore when I walk in my higher ones. Huzzah! :D

In other news, I just recently replaced my TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray with a fresh bottle. They were having a sale at CVS, and I bought it for only $3 when they’re usually sold for $5. ; ) My previous bottle lasted me over 2.5 months, with daily liberal spraying all over my damp hair before I blowdry. I have noticed a significant difference ever since I’ve started using this product: my hair doesn’t feel or look dry due to heat styling anymore, and there are almost no split ends when I should have had plenty by now. This stuff is amazing, and I would buy it over and over again. Other heat protectants cost $20+ for not enough product, so TRESemmé wins. : )


4 responses to “My new student ID photo is AWFUL. D:

  1. I’d kill for six miles of leg. D;

    Such long skinny legs….

  2. improperintegirl

    lol, I hate heels, I can’t imagine wearing them around campus. I only wear them for special occasions, they make my lower back and feet hurt. I’m more into sneakers and boots (timberland or doc martins, not heeled ones). Flats are nice if the weather permits no socks being worn.
    Yup I have no plans to train my feet to wear heels constantly, I just don’t see how it’s worth it.

    And my favorite universal flattering trend was the A-line skirt. They look great on everyone.. I wish they were always in style.

    • Haha, to each their own. :P I’m mostly willing to go through the discomfort and pain, because being 4’11” is NOT fun. Even if wearing heels will only make me look 2 or 3 inches taller, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

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