10,000 hits?! ♥

You guys are the best. I never imagined that my blog would ever average at over 100+ hits per day! The bar graph above is a screenshot of what the past few weeks have been like here. ;D It makes me feel even guiltier that I don’t post as frequently anymore. :'( As always, I’ve been super busy with schoolwork. Speaking of, I read the most in-your-face novel the other day for my Contemporary Masculinities course: Lockpick Pornography by Joey Comeau.

I was actually surprised that we were reading something so explicit – everything is said as it is, without any regard for political correctness. The main character and his friends are angry, impulsive, young adults who remind me of radical activists. They go completely against the social construction of gender and sexuality, and try to help people understand that we’re all slaves to our heteronormative society. In a mere 124 pages, this novel proved to be one of the more exciting reads I’ve had in a long time. If you guys are interested, I can lend you my copy. Just e-mail me! : )

In other news, have you guys ever heard of Bill My Parents? I just found out about it today, and nothing will ever convince me that it’s a good thing. =/ The site basically lets children of any age shop online or use a credit card in-store. Of course, it appeals to parents because it sells the idea of “supervising your kids’ spending” because the transaction won’t go through without their approval via e-mail. But in the end, do children that young really need to shop online or own a credit card? Why can’t they just ask their parents directly, or just wait until their parents have the free time in their schedule to shop with them? This just reinforces my belief that the new generations are too dependent on the immediate gratification of materialism for any sort of happiness or fulfillment.

I also see this as another way for spoiled kids to feel “independent”, even though they’re still spending their parents’ money, when they’re out with their friends.  I realize that the “monthly allowances” on the pre-paid credit cards are controlled by the parents, but whatever happened to kids saving up their birthday or Christmas money to buy what they want? Ultimately, the parents are spending less time with their children and the children grow up thinking money will always come this easy. There’s an age restriction on certain privileges for a reason.

On a final note, I just want to rave about the Wet’n’Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Nutty. I first heard about it from this YouTube tutorial. It’s a very pretty brown-silver-taupe shade. The consistency is very creamy and smooth. Buttery, even! It’s perfect for everyday wear – my favorite thing about it is how it sparkles in the sunlight. And for only $1.99, I can’t complain. ; ) It’s a shame that my camera can’t capture how pretty the shade is. Here was my best attempt. Until next time! :3


3 responses to “10,000 hits?! ♥

  1. I’m so happy for you! Even though I’m super jealous that your blog gets so many more hits than mine does :-)

    Clearly, I need to start blogging my thoughts instead of letting you do it. I think you’ve reignited my blogging interest.

    I hope you get 10,000 more in half the time.

  2. improperintegirl

    congrats! and i completely agree with the instant gratification problem this generation has.

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