I Love Autumn. <3

Hey, guys! I don’t know about you, but here in New York it’s starting to get chilly. Autumn is my favorite season, not just for the wonderful weather, but for the Fall fashion. ; ) Don’t get me wrong, I would live comfortably in shorts and tanktops all year round if I had the option! But there’s something about cool, windy days and grey skies that make me want to go all-out with my style. Just like last year, boots are all the rage this season: knee-high, mid-calf, leather, fur, combat, cowboy, heeled, black, brown, grey.. you name it! I was actually lusting all week over boots online, such as these:

Both of the ones above are from Charlotte Russe. For a limited time only, they’re offering all their footwear at a great discount – $30 for boots, $20 for heels, and $10 for flats! Since I got out of class early today, my boyfriend and I headed to the mall to do some browsing. ; ) At first, I had only wanted a pair of skinny jeans. But after realizing that I would have to order my size online, since I’m so short, I became determined to find the perfect pair of Fall boots. After checking out a bunch of shoe stores, and realizing that none of what they carried fit my budget, I walked into Charlotte Russe and fell in love with a pair. With my 10% student discount, I bought these boots for only $29.33 when the original price tag was marked $50! :D

They’re a gorgeous pair of grey, suede, heeled boots. <3 The upper is soft enough to roll down almost entirely to make tucking my jeans in them so easy! I also love the little bit of knit fabric at the top, mostly because they keep my calves warm. :3 And even though they’re heeled, it’s actually pretty comfortable to walk around in them. Oh, and did I mention that they match with just about everything I own? I’m so pleased. :D

In other news, I walked into Sephora and found some tasty lipgloss that I would have purchased on the spot if it weren’t so expensive. D: Buxom Lips is a sultry line of plumping lip gloss inspired by illustrations of voluptuous women that remind me of burlesque dancers. XD I tried some of the testers out, and they give me a wonderful tingly feeling on my lips, as well as major shine. o_o But at $18, I’m not likely to buy a tube anytime soon. :X Until next time!


6 responses to “I Love Autumn. <3

  1. improperintegirl

    Those are really nice boots. And I know what you mean about fall fashion.. but my favorite season is spring. It’s such a relief after the winter to see everything come back to life and to have the ability to spend time outside without freezing to death XD

  2. So fashionable! And it didn’t even take that long to find these, once you put your mind to it :-) I’m glad that you finally bought something that’s good looking AND comfortable at the same time.

    Funny that those hearts magically appeared when you took the photo. A sign, perhaps?

    • Haha. I know, right? It took me 2 hours to NOT find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. But only 10 minutes to find these boots. XD We’re meant to be! And yes, regarding those hearts, that happens sometimes. ;)

  3. I’m so jealous!
    I’m waiting for a good time to drive down across the border to Charlotte Russe! I’m on a major boot hunt but no luck here in Vancouver so far :(

    P.S. I love your hello kitty necklace + blackberry! I have the same one :) Can’t live without bbm.

    • I’ve never been to Vancouver! And I’m sure you guys have a ton of things I can’t find in New York. XD Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite stores, and is totally worth coming across the border for, along with Forever 21 if you guys don’t have them. :D

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