In a New York Minute

Just a quick post! The other day, I passed by CVS to buy some dark nail polish to wear this Autumn. I had heard good things about the In a New York Minute line by New York Color and really wanted to try out Chinatown, their deep purple shade. Because of the lighting in the store, though, I accidentally bought West Village because their bottles look so similar! I don’t regret it, though. :P

For only $1.99, West Village is a lovely navy blue color with purple undertones and pink micro-glitter. It holds up to its word, and dries incredibly fast. Because who has an hour these days to do their nails anymore? I was able to finish mine with three coats in under 20 minutes, only because I have super shaky hands. XD Here they are in natural light, though the photo doesn’t do the shade justice:

Did I mention that I also have a terrible bail-biting habit? Hopefully, keeping them painted all the time will help me get rid of it! I might actually buy some more from this line, too, just because the other shades are even prettier. Here’s a fellow blogger who took the following swatches of what they all look like on her own nails! I’m most interested in adding Park Avenue, Broadway, and Manhattan to my collection. : )

In other news, I was comparing my current Facebook profile picture to some of the ones from two years ago, and realized how much of a difference defined eyebrows make. I used to pluck my eyebrows super thin, because I preferred them that way, but never realized how much it took away from my face! Here’s a side-by-side of me from 2008, and me from this morning. For the most part, I think my face looks the same, but having my eyebrows thicker and filled in really frames my face better. >.<;

Now since I have to go study Anatomy & Physiology for the rest of the night, I’ll leave you guys with the most intense illustration of a cell I’ve ever seen in my my entire life. It almost looks like a city! :o


9 responses to “In a New York Minute

  1. That’s probably the most intense cell I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

  2. improperintegirl

    that cell.. is uber intense o_o

  3. tots having a nerdgasm over your cell piccie. LOOVEE <3

    i have the chinatown color! love nyc color. the nailpolishes are so cute & cheap! and they dont get too gopey during application haha.

    g'luck with a&p!

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