One-Year Anniversary <3

As I’ve mentioned to you guys before, today was my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend Michael. <3 Last night, we went out to a nice restaurant called Raga, which specializes in fine Indian Cuisine. The entrées we ordered were:

kebob-e-khas: Succulent domestic lamb delicately marinated in yogurt, sour cream, star anise & fennel.
chicken tikka masala: Chicken tikka cooked in a tomato fenugreek sauce with Indian spices finished with a touch of cream.

Of course, our meal also came with basmati rice and naan. ; ) It was all amazingly good – nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. The spices were very rich, and left me feeling the most satisfied I’ve been in a while. The lamb, especially, was very tender and tasted like it was soaked in lemon overnight, too! A huge plus in my book. And although I haven’t had any other chicken tikka masala besides the kind served on my campus, I could immediately recognize how superior Raga’s was. So creamy and delicious! Pictured below was our dessert – mango ice cream & kheer (Indian style thin rice pudding served with pistachio, almonds & raisins). Definitely one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. : )

On a serious note, though, I really want to say how much I love being with Michael – he’s given me a wonderful 12 months so far, and I hope there will be more anniversaries to come for us. <3 Earlier that day, we bought Denzin a new fish tank as a way to prove our confidence that we’ll still be together in the near future. :’)

It’s a 2.5-gallon tank, as opposed to his first half-gallon bowl. We also bought him more pretty marbles and scenery to keep him from getting too bored. : ) We could already tell that he loves it, since we’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the way he swims around!

All in all, I couldn’t have had a better first anniversary. <3


4 responses to “One-Year Anniversary <3

  1. Aw. I had a wonderful day too! Even with the rain, it was so perfect. That food was wonderful, and indeed one of the best meals I’ve had. And I love Denzin’s bowl. Sadly, my camera can’t quite capture it as it’s not so good with the water scenes, but it’s so colorful and homey.

    Look forward to more anniversaries. I love you as well <3

  2. congrats :) what better way to celebrate than with Indian food! I LOOOOVE INDIAN FOOD <3 Tikki masala is my faves with naan.

    Hohoho Dezin looks uber happy. Tell Dezin Shadow is uber jeally of his new home.

  3. improperintegirl

    congrats! .. the first valentine’s day scott actually got to take me out we got indian food. this made me nostalgia so hard =D

    glad to see denzin looks very happy!

  4. Aww. Gosh! So cute. Well, happy belated 1 year, you guys! :) <3 And the food looks so good, btw. Haha.

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