Garnier Nutrisse: #73 Dark Golden Blonde (Honeydip)

Hey, guys! Sorry that I wasn’t able to post last night. I ended up going to a party instead. ; ) I woke up super early today, though, and let my boyfriend do it for me. I used a box of Garnier Nutrisse in Honeydip – depicted to be a dark, golden blonde. It’s the lightest that the Nutrisse line goes without being a real blonde shade, which we should all know is extremely damaging, especially if you have naturally dark hair like mine.

I only left the dye in for 40 minutes, as opposed to the usual 60 minutes, because I’m becoming more conscious of the health of my hair. Here are the before and after swatches, of both the roots and the length:

As you can see, it only lightened my previous color a little bit. Of course, I know it will lighten significantly over the next week, too. It looks different and much warmer under natural light, though I’m already considering the switch to another hair dye brand. Garnier Nutrisse has been my BFF in terms of hair coloring over the past two years, but if this is the lightest shade they can offer me without entering bleach-blonde-damage territory, I might have to find my fix elsewhere. :'(

And while we’re on the topic of hair, I received an e-mail from Sephora yesterday – advertising their new tokidoki flat iron! Which led me to browse around the website for longer than I’m willing to admit, and find the limited edition Betsey Johnson for Tweezerman tweezers. XD Both are super cute, but definitely not necessary for me, since I already have an amazing Solia flat iron and a dependable pair of tweezers. :P If you’re in need of either, you should definitely pick one up so I can live vicariously through you. : )


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