Hey, guys! Remember the manga I was trying to sell on eBay? Well, that didn’t work out too well. My last resort was shamelessly advertising it to my friends on Facebook, and it actually stirred some interest! My friend Gigi from high school bought a few volumes, and I just shipped them out yesterday. : ) As always, I was on the lookout today when my boyfriend and I explored the shopping plazas outside our campus, and had the greatest desire to spent some of my newfound cash on a classic fashion staple: The Little Black Dress.

The three simple styles shown above are from American Apparel. And I’m actually really surprised that I don’t own something similar. The Little Black Dress is suitable for almost any occasion, and a definite must-have for this Fall. Unfortunately, I was so caught up this summer trying to incorporate brighter colors into my wardrobe, that I completely forgot that I didn’t own one! Especially since Michael and I are going to a nice restaurant tomorrow night to celebrate our one-year anniversary, I thought it would be nice to pick one up. ; )

That, ladies, is the wonderful steal that I found at H&M today – for only $14.95. Can you believe it? I love the elegant cut and ruffles, and unlike most dresses I usually find, it’s flattering to my inverted triangle body shape. While I was in the store, I also noticed how they also found ways to make even maternity-wear look stylish!

There was also a Duane Reade at the plaza, so I took the time to buy myself a box of hair dye and a cheap eyebrow pencil. Mostly because my roots are growing in, and my current eyebrow pencil (Prestige, in Taupe) is too light and hard. I picked up the Wet’n’Wild eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown for only 99 cents, and when I tried it, it felt so creamy and smooth! It applied wonderfully, and definitely gives definition to my sparse brows.

I will definitely be making another post tonight regarding the results of my hair coloring tonight, so stay tuned! :3


5 responses to “The LBD

  1. I’m surprised you don’t have any comments yet! I look forward to dying your hair for you, and to you wearing that wonderful dress tomorrow at Raga. I think it fits you very nicely :-)

    I wasn’t aware inverted triangle was a common body type. You shouldn’t feel so bad! It’s normal, after all.

  2. improperintegirl

    very cute dress ^^. i realized that i don’t have a little black dress either… just two long-ish ones. and that whole body type thing has always confused me because the shapes are easy to see on certain people and harder to see on others. i wish they could provide ratios rather than just pictures.. then i could get a tape measure and figure out what i am XD

    you’re right about them making the maternity cloths look cute. it made me think of what my cousin said when she was having her first baby, you grow so quickly that you end up wearing junky stuff most of the time, you can’t go out and buy a new wardrobe that you can only wear for a few months. and if you get pregnant a second time, you can’t wear those clothes unless you’re having the second baby around the same time of year.

    • Yeah, the whole body shape theory is different, depending on where you read. I’m right in between an inverted triangle and a rectangle, apparently, but they don’t give me ratios to work with. >.<;

      And I agree that maternity wear might be temporary due to the quick growth rate, but assuming that you're going to be buying a whole new wardrobe anyway, might as well have something nice for when you're not just sitting around and incubating. XD

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