Review: Apple iPod touch

Ok, so I couldn’t wait until the end of the week to tell you guys about my new iPod touch. Mostly because it’s so amazing. <3 There are a tons of features and apps that make it more than a great mp3 player! It does have its limits, though, and can only be used to its full potential when it has access to wi-fi.

1) Camera. The new version doesn’t have just one camera, it has two! One facing away from you, and the other facing towards you. Very, very useful for when you want to take a quick snapshot of you and your friends when you don’t have a photography around. ; ) These two photos are from my lunch yesterday – eel sushi & frozen yogurt. Despite only being under 1 megapixel, the quality is alright, though it takes much better pictures outdoors than indoors. And I have really shaky hands, so anyone else could probably take clearer photos. XD

2) Apps. This is a huge factor to what makes the iPod touch so enjoyable for people of all ages. There are tons of free apps available in the iTunes store. All you need to do is download, plug, and transfer! Of course, you get what you pay for, and the apps that cost money will obviously have superior programming and design. Some of the free apps that I’ve downloaded include Facebook, Echofon (for Twitter), and NYC Mate (subway, bus, and train maps/schedules for all five boroughs of New York). MyFitnessPal tracks my calories and exercise routines in order to work towards a weight-loss goal. I also downloaded a whole bunch of fun games like Defend Your Castle (one of my favorite flash games in middle school), Splode, WordSearch, and Robot Unicorn Attack.

I also find the app Shazam very useful – it can identify a song that’s playing on the radio, or just about anywhere, if you want to know the title and artist. The latest app that I downloaded is called FACE-LOOK. Although it cost me $1.99 on iTunes, it recreates the purikura booth experience! The stamps, frames, and designs are too cute. Here’s a before and after of a photo I took yesterday. You can click on either one to enlarge!

The possibilities are endless! ;D

3) Facetime. This feature is only available for the newest version of the iPod touch. It works just like FaceTime for the iPhone 4! You can basically call and webcam with someone else who also has the feature. I think this development in technology is bringing us closer and closer to having this sort of communication a common thing among phones in the future.

4) Music. And last, but certainly not least, is the iPod touch’s main purpose – to listen to music. : ) Because I bought the 8GB version, mine can hold about 820 songs or more. I’ve definitely noticed better sound quality, compared to my old iPod Nano. I’m literally hearing the tiniest details in my songs that I’ve never noticed before! It’s great.

Overall, I still don’t have any buyer’s remorse from purchasing this. It’s definitely useful and fun in my everyday life, and if anyone asked me if it was worth the $230 (plus tax) that I spent, there would be no hesitation from me to recommend this to them. <3


5 responses to “Review: Apple iPod touch

  1. It looks awesome. I’d consider getting one if my nano wasn’t so young at 3 years, (at least I consider it young). The whole face chat thing reminds me of pokemon. And one thing I’ve always wondered about face chat type things is what if you just got out of the shower or are in some other awkward situation and the phone rings and the person wants to face chat?

    • Haha, yeah. I was actually completely content with my 6-year-old iPod nano. I just felt bad for my brother, who doesn’t have an mp3 player at all. >.<; And the FaceTime feature is like a phone call, you can decline a request if you're in an awkward situation. XD Thankfully.

  2. I’m grad you don’t have remorse. If anything, you seem sadder spending $.99 on an app than $230 on the iPod. Funnie.

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