Betta Fish & Common Room Decor

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to take our relationship a step further – we adopted a Betta fish at the pet store! We named him Denzin, which means “Upholder of Truth” in Tibetan. And because we did some research beforehand, we bought him the right kind of food, bowl, marbles, and a small net! Hopefully, we’ll be great caretakers – fish like him are supposed to last three years at the most! Look at how happy Denzin is in his bowl. : )

I also wanted to bring up the concept of college dorm decorating again. As most people know, the art of decorating the common room (which is shared by at least six people) is nothing like decorating your living room at home. It has to make you feel comfortable, familiar, and at home! Thus, the other day, my roommate bought a few posters for our common room. :D My favorite of the three that we have is the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ one. Along with that, she also got ‘Absinthe Robette’ and ‘Know Your Beer’ posters. :P Feel free to click on any of the images below to enlarge!

In contrast, my boyfriend’s suitemates don’t want to spend a penny on decorations for their common room. (Even though they’re in there playing video games all the time!) I took it upon myself to initiate a night where all we did was draw on regular computer paper with markers and colored pencils. As of the other day, all of them are now taped onto the wall!

Michael did the first drawing – it’s a vicious bear mauling a park ranger! Bryan drew the second one – a samurai bear, smoking a pipe while walking through the woods. I found both hilarious.

I drew this one! It’s pretty self-explanatory. XD There were many, many others that we drew.. but I don’t think those would be appropriate to post here. :P I just this this is a great, cheap, and creative way to make your dorm’s common room look unique and fun! I might actually pity them and their bare walls in the weeks to come, and maybe buy a $5  video game poster from Walmart. Maybe.

On a final note, I was camera-whoring a little bit this morning. Mostly because I needed a new Facebook profile picture. I think this came out pretty well. I just learned how to fade the edges to black in Photoshop today. A very useful skill in life, as we all know. XD But I guess that’s all for now. Until next time, readers! :3


7 responses to “Betta Fish & Common Room Decor

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow betta, just red and blue ones. I also trust that you won’t troll him by putting a mirror in his tank momentarily.

    I’ve been curious to try Absinthe.. mostly because it is green and green is my favorite color ^^
    but I heard it’s illegal in the US because it has trace amounts of toxins in it or something of the like..

    I also think your drawing is adorable ^^

    • I’ve never seen a yellow one before, either! The 12 or so other bettas were blue, red, purple, and pink – but they all looked sickly and diseased. =/ And from the photos I’ve seen, absinthe looks so pretty! @_@

  2. I like your drawings! And our fish <3

  3. OMG congrats on your betta :D .<

    Boys near to none buy stuff for the room. haha. My guy friends are more concerned with their consoles. Although one time I drew a "geddan" stick figure and they used it to add some charm to their thermostat hah.

  4. I’m glad you did your research for your betta! But I have just a few things to add:

    1. Your fish will live a long time – seriously. So please, get a bigger bowl/tank when you can. it’s annoying to have to change the water so much in a small container anyway.

    2. No nets. Betta fins tear on nets. Use another small container to scoop your fishie out, or just use your hands. However, sidenote: a lot of betta owners can get their fish to nuzzle their hands, but if you use your hands to catch them, it’s not happening.

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