I finally bought the NEW iPod touch. ;)

Before anything else, let me explain to you guys that I’ve had the same iPod Nano for the past six years. Buying a new one was more about rewarding myself for working hard and handing down my old iPod to my younger brother, rather than frivolous spending. So, yeah, I finally bought the new Apple iPod touch – it was officially the biggest purchase I’ve made in my entire life! (And by that, I mean the most money I’ve spent on one item.) After doing a lot of research online for two weeks, I finally walked into the Apple Store at Smith Haven Mall today and bought the 8GB version. Although my checking account is now out $248, I don’t have the buyer’s remorse that I usually have after buying something expensive. If anything, I’m very pleased! Here’s me holding mine. :D

I’ll probably make a separate post about how much I love it after spending a whole week with it. ;D To celebrate, I treated my boyfriend and myself to some Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I know it’s quite possibly the worst kind of ice cream for you, health-wise.. but it’s so delicious! We shared a medium cup of butter pecan with hot fudge. <3

I also walked into Gilly Hicks for the first time! It’s actually a pretty cool store. Since it’s owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, the layout is similar – hot models standing outside, dim lights inside, heavily perfumed rooms, and generously-stocked shelves. The only difference is that Gilly Hicks specializes mostly with underwear, and the clothes that they do sell are more affordable than anything at A&F. I ended up walking out with a bag of panties, since they were on sale for 5/$25 and they’re softer than anything I’ve ever bought at Victoria’s Secret. The website is great, and I found photos of all the cute styles I selected. (Click for a larger view!)

I also found a dress at H&M that I really wanted.. but it was $34, and I couldn’t afford to spend any more money today. XD It came in black and pink, though, and I was torn between which one I preferred more! They might look unshapely in these photos, but believe me, they were super chic IRL. ; ) And don’t worry, that’s my boyfriend Michael holding them, not me.

At the end of it all, I felt extremely fulfilled. : ) I’ll let you guys know by the end of the week how much I think the iPod touch was worth it. :D Until next time!


6 responses to “I finally bought the NEW iPod touch. ;)

  1. I really like your underwear! And I hope you enjoy your iTouch. I know you’ll find it useful, and hopefully the remorse doesn’t start.

    P.S. Seeing that ice cream made me hungry again for more. Skinny Cow tomorrow?! :3

  2. Actually, haagen-daz is one of the better ice-creams. If you read the ingredients you’ll see waaaay less crap in haagen-daz then other brands, especially their “five” brand.

    and congrats on on the new ipod!!

  3. Congrats on the new Ipod! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say about it!

    Haha love VS undies. So cute & comfy! I think the pink H&M would look awesomely on you, but I think I have this odd pink affinity I don’t like to admit to hah.

    • Thank you! Lately, VS undies have been disappointing me. Mostly because the only ones that are on sale are in the PINK line. Unfortunately, many of these look pretty trashy compared to their classic line. >.<; And I was going to go with the pink dress, too! Hopefully, it'll still be there if/when I come back for it in a few months. (With a huge markdown!)

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