I love ice cream. :D

For those of you who didn’t assume so already, I absolutely love sweets. Today, I treated my boyfriend Michael out to Cold Stone Creamery. Mostly because he always takes me out to dinner. : ) We ended up getting a large-sized “Gotta Have It” concoction of dark chocolate ice cream, sweet cream ice cream, and Kit Kats! It was very good. ; ) We might go to another ice cream place this weekend, too!

And because it was such a nice day today, I wanted to share this picture with you guys. It’s me on top of a purple rock in my quad. Wearing a purple dress, of course! XD The photo right next to it is how I’ve been doing my hair for the past week. I’m beginning to prefer it curly, rather than straight.I also think my hair is becoming healthier, too. I can’t wait until it grows longer! (You can click on either picture to enlarge it.)

I was playing around on Photoshop today, too, and I made this perfectly decent picture look like it was vomited on by cuteness. XD Check it out:

I guess that’s all for today. But before I go, look at this dress from Charlotte Russe. I want it. Until next time! : )


2 responses to “I love ice cream. :D

  1. 1. That ice cream WAS good.
    2. I like your purple rock, and your purple dress. Where can I get one?
    3. Lol at the little sun in the bottom left. I didn’t notice that til now.

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