eBay Lashes

Have you ever felt that your eyelashes were never long, thick, or curled enough? I’ve been a little self-conscious of mine for a while now – I have naturally short, thin, and stick-straight Asian lashes. It was only last week that I decided to try out something new. I happened to stumble upon this YouTube video, and was instantly inspired to experiment with false eyelashes!

There are plenty of sellers on eBay that sell false lashes for VERY CHEAP. This is because they come straight from Hong Kong in bulk. I ordered 4 sets of 10 pairs (40 total) of synthetic Taiwanese eyelashes for only $1. Along with a shipping cost of under $5, it only cost me $6 to buy them. This is considered extremely inexpensive, since drugstore lashes run for about $4 for one pair. That said, these lashes only cost me $0.15 per pair. I love saving money! : )

Because they just arrived at my campus mail room today, I was so excited to open the package. They come in 4 boxes, one for each style. They arrived rather quickly, especially since it was shipped internationally – only about 7 business days. The boxes were a little beat up, and some pairs were kind of crumpled, but you can always straighten them out.

The first two boxes contain the more natural lashes, while the other two have the more dramatic ones. Until I get the hang of applying them quickly and precisely, I won’t dare wear them regularly so soon. XD But they’re very soft, great quality, and one pair can last me several wears. Here’s me trying out style #001, the first box. They make my eyes pop and look so much bigger! I’m very pleased. :D

Here’s me wearing #001 again, but cut in half and only applied to my outer lashes. They look much more natural this way.

Here are close-ups of the different styles:

Let’s not forget the glue I use – DUO Eyelash Adhesive, in Clear-White.

I’ll be sure to show you guys what the other styles look like on me when I find the occasion to wear them. : ) Until next time!


3 responses to “eBay Lashes

  1. Practice, practice! You’ll be pro at this soon.

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