I really want an iPhone 4. D;

Ever since my boyfriend Michael bought the Apple iPhone 4, I have been ever-so-envious! Not only is the new design sleek and sexy, it’s useful for just about anything! Whenever we need to know something, we can just Google the answer. If we’re on-the-go.. we can quickly look up directions, maps, or points of interest in the nearby area. I can understand why he loves it so. XD

And how can we forget that it’s not just a cell phone? It’s also an iPod, camera, and so much more! The endless list of apps you can download onto it make it appealing to just about every crowd. When he lets me play with it when we’re on the bus, or waiting for a class to begin, the apps that I would find the most useful for my daily life (if I owned one) would be Facebook, Twitter, Maps, and Angry Birds.

Unfortunately, Sprint doesn’t carry the iPhone 4. And because I’m on a family plan, I probably won’t be able to buy the next iPhone until we switch carriers.This might not be until my younger brother goes to college – meaning, four years. >.<; I wouldn’t be able to pay for the data plan anyway, with my current paycheck. So maybe when I get a new phone next summer, since I’m due for an upgrade, I’ll get a Blackberry instead. XD

In other news, I found myself in need of a pair of earphones. Mostly because my brother’s headphones broke at home and I told him he could have my super-awesome Skullcandy headphones. They look better on him anyway! Here’s a link to the particular style I had. And I was looking for a pair of earphones, mostly because I do all my schoolwork on my laptop while listening to music on iTunes or Last.fm Radio. And since I have a roommate, I really don’t want to be disruptive. Fortunately, I found my campus bookstore selling Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds!

I’ve been through many brands of earphones, and this is the best out of all of them. Not only do they block out a significant amount of sound, even when I’m not playing any music, but you can hear the finest details of every track you put on. What I usually dislike about most earphones are their inability to bring out the bass in what I listen to. And let me tell you, I have never had that problem with these. I’d recommend them to everyone. :D


7 responses to “I really want an iPhone 4. D;

  1. LOOOOVE Skullcandies <3 I was fortunate enough to catch an FYE clearing sale after HS graduation and got a pair of lowriders for about $20. RIP now, but wonderful for the 2 years they lasted. Really wanted those TokiDoki ones, but I couldn't bear paying the $70 even if that was really "marked down." I don't know if they are the best sound quality ones out there, but for a $20-$40 range, they afford the most bang for the buck in terms of headphones.

  2. I don’t call it my 2nd girlfriend. Delete that :-(

  3. Booboo I just got myself the Galaxy S (for verizon, but each major carrier has a version of this phone). As much as I like the iPhone, this phone runs driod, though it still has similar qualities to the iphone. You should look into it. Its quite nice. :3

  4. girl if you do get the iphone, let me know! we can video chat :D!

    that tumblr is my current addiction btw, if you wanted to see what shenanigans i’ve been up to haha.


    • I’ve officially decided to get the iPod touch instead! It also has Facetime video chat, if that’s what you’re talking about. I just need to wait for my next paycheck before I buy it. XD Can’t wait!

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