Needlepoint! :3

For those of you who don’t know what needlepoint is, here’s an article. As I was growing up, my mother really got me into arts & crafts. I absolutely loved making things with my hands, and I did a lot of it at an early age – knitting, sewing, needlepoint, painting, pottery, stained glass, etc. I guess it stuck with me throughout the years, as I like to still think of myself as a creative individual.

After I picked up a small needlepoint set last week, I started almost immediately. I wanted to be able to send it to California for my grandmother, grandfather, and aunt as soon as possible. The design is an oriental fan – the stitches I used include the basic Continental Stitch, the really pretty Milanese Stitch for the background, the Back Stitch, and a little bit of Satin Stitch. I spent over 13 hours on this project. Here are snapshots of my progress:

I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it from people who have caught me working on it this week. Unfortunately, 5×5 is not a standard frame size, so I couldn’t find a frame to put it in. I did, however, mount it on some firm adhesive board. I’m really pleased with how well it came out and I hope my family likes it, too. I’ll most likely be sending it out tomorrow! :3


7 responses to “Needlepoint! :3

  1. Lou Bautista Mosquito

    That was so beautiful. Good choice of design. Amazingly creativeness. Glad you still have your artistry touch. Now, you could possibly continue all “to do craft stocks” that is in your room. Definitely, lolo, lola and tita tere will ove your work. Can’t wait to see you this weekend.

  2. Wow! That’s so impressive. I can’t believe you got it done so fast. I was expecting it to be two weeks :-) Maybe I’ll reconsider and start needle pointing with you ;-)

  3. Kristina this is beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try cross stitching, but was too intimidated. I was trying to think of an interesting & thoughtful gift for my lab as a good bye & thank you present, and this came to mind! I bought one from AC Moore and am totally excited to start it.

    Your blogs always provide good fodder for inspiration :)

  4. Chat Cortez-Macapanton

    so very like your mom… very good with handicrafts.

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