Some late dorm shopping. >.<;

Hey guys, notice anything different? That’s right, I have a new header! My super-talented boyfriend Michael taught me the wonders of using gradients in Photoshop in order to fade images into each other. : ) I’m really pleased with how it came out! I found all of the photos on Flickr.

Also, the reason I bought a few things today wasn’t because I under-packed. I needed a pair of sneakers and shorts since I’ve been going to the gym lately to lose some of my summer weight. XD Thankfully, I found a pair of cute white/pink sneakers on clearance in the children’s section of Target. They fit me perfectly, surprisingly. o_o And for only $12, I can’t complain. Navy blue gym shorts for $5 isn’t bad, either. :P

While we were at Target, I also remembered that I needed to replace my broken alarm clock. This petite alarm clock has multi-colored LED lights for the time display, and I thought it was really cool compared to all the generic (aka boring) alarm clocks in the same isle.

I also bought a new compact mirror, since I seem to have misplaced my favorite Hello Kitty one that I bought at Chinatown in San Francisco two summers ago. :X As you may have guessed, the first thing I did with it was decorate it! I used some more of the stickers that Denise sent me. Silver swirls and butterflies, ftw! Here’s the before and after:

We also stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to buy a small craft that I can do, then send to my grandparents in California. I decided to get a small, intricate needlepoint project. It’ll probably take two weeks to finish, though. >.<; I’ll show you guys when I finish it!

That’s all for today. I’ll be spending the rest of this long weekend reading and studying for a few classes. Then I have a five-day weekend for Rosh Hashanah, starting Wednesday evening! :D Bye now. : )


2 responses to “Some late dorm shopping. >.<;

  1. That’s an awesome alarm clock! Hope you are enjoying school so far :) P.S. Thank you so much for that post about Charlotte Russe bee-tee-dubs! I went school shopping this weekend & I have found boots that fit mah massive legs haha. Plus, I got a pair for my mom for only 10 bucks. Really appreciated it!

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