Smith Haven Mall

First of all, let me explain that the plan for today was going shopping for some dorm essentials at either Target or Walmart, then eating at Olive Garden. Unfortunately, the free buses that run off-campus during the weekends changed their schedule this year, and now run to Smith Haven Mall on Saturdays. It was kind of a letdown, until my boyfriend and I realized that there’s a California Pizza Kitchen right next to it! Look at this delicious Wild Mushroom  personal pizza I ordered.

According to the menu, my pizza consisted of: “Cremini, Shiitake, Portobello and white mushrooms, Fontina and Mozzarella cheeses with a wild mushroom walnut pesto. Garnished with chopped Italian parsley. Grilled chicken added upon request.” I also requested that they use honey whole wheat bread for the crust, too. So I’m pretty sure eating most of the pie wasn’t too unhealthy for me. The taste was so rich and complex, though! Probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

Afterwards, I was looking to buy some tops with some of my birthday money, since I took one look in my closet yesterday and realized that I need more clothes – but then I remembered what an awful mall Smith Haven is. =/ Apart from it being filled with spoiled, Long Island tweens who spend their parents’ money on whim, it just isn’t up to par with what I’m used to back home. It’s only one floor large, compared to the 4 floors of Queens Center Mall, and the 3 floors of Roosevelt Field Mall. I’m just glad they had some of my favorite stores, though, despite the slightly limited selections.

Because I’m really trying my best to stay away from black this season, I picked out these two tops from Forever 21. The burgundy one only cost me $11, and I adore the ruffles at the sleeves. And what I love about the nude pink top is the giant flower on one shoulder, and the drapey cowl neck design. <3 Just hoping that neither shrink too much in the wash! >.<;

In other news, I’ve been making a right part in my hair, instead of a left part like I usually do. I read a really interesting article a few months ago that says that a right part make a woman’s  face look softer and more feminine. And I think I could use more of that. >.<; I also think my skin is actually getting better due to daily exfoliation.

Here’s my new part, and clearer skin! Don’t mind the stupid face. :P And always remember that you can always click on any photo on my blog for a larger view. Since Mike and I are doing some dorm shopping tomorrow, stay tuned for another interesting post!


2 responses to “Smith Haven Mall

  1. Love those green contacts, they look great on you!
    & that pizza looks delicious omg!

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