eBay = awesome

Last semester, I sold my super goth Tripp trench coat on eBay for $70 – almost the exact same price that I bought it for at Hot Topic three years ago. Ever since, I’ve realized how much my style and interests have changed, and how much useless clutter I have at home that I no longer need or use. Fortunately, I know that many of my older hobbies included collecting items that someone out there may want to get their hands on now! Thus, with the help of my boyfriend Michael, we started putting up a few listings on eBay for some Japanese manga that I want to sell.

My entire collection at home is worth over $350 at retail value. But because a particular few hold some sentimental value for me, since many were given as gifts, I’m not getting rid of those. I can’t believe I spent so much cash on the rest of them in high school, though! I only plan to gain about $200 from the 28 manga I’m putting up for sale on eBay, but that’s still a significant sum of money for me. : ) Hopefully, people will gain interest and bid on them!

In other news, I used a few of the stickers that Denise sent me last week on my ancient iPod Nano. :3 I think it turned out super cute, despite being really simple. Here it is beside my cell phone, which is also decorated many posts ago!

Mike and I have also spent some time exploring the hospital on the far side of our campus. The first photo is to illustrate how modern the design is, the second are super cute Hello Kitty scrubs that I found in the health science book store. : )

Well, that may be all for now, but I promise some more posts this weekend! <3


5 responses to “eBay = awesome

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  2. Gravitation <33
    Im trying to sell some of mine, but I'm needlessly attached to them. Im pretty sure I have over $700 worth .___.

    • Wow, that’s a lot! :o I mean, if you aren’t going to ever read them again, I don’t really see the point in keeping them around. >.<; But as you said, I'm attached to some of mine, too. XD

      • I have this weird OCD thing about the art. o___o
        LIke, I keep some just to occasionally stare at how beautiful the art is. (cough CLAMP cough) Its really unhealthy. I should probably get rid of it all haha.

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