Textbooks are too expensive. =/

Ugh. It’s so depressing when I have to buy the required reading material for my courses. Yesterday, I dropped by the hospital because it’s the only place to buy my Health Science textbooks. My books for Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy & Physiology were $270 alone! Luckily, I can sell most of them back at the end of the semester.

Earlier today, my friend drove me to Stony Books (a cheaper alternative to the on-campus bookstore) to buy the rest of what I need. Although people have told me that searching on Amazon will save me a whole lot more money, many of my classes require the books on the very first or second day of class. So the 5-7 business days of shipping really isn’t an option for me. : (

I’m also really psyched for my Contemporary Masculinities course, too, because the reading and film list sounds amazing. Not only are we reading the first volume in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, we’re also going to be doing Death of a Salesman (one of my favorite reads from high school). Other books on the reading list include Lockpick Pornography, Howl, and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. The movies we also have to watch independently are: The Lion King, Where the Wild Things Are, Fight Club, Paris is Burning, Humpday, Boys Don’t Cry, and American Beauty. All of which are excellent films! I’M SO EXCITED.

We had also made a trip to Target, because Chris needed groceries and Mike needed a belt. I was looking through their scrapbook section and found these sticker packets on clearance for only $0.48! I also remembered that the gurus on Makeup Alley strongly recommended the $1 e.l.f. eyeshadow brush, so I also picked that up. : ) I can’t wait to use the stickers in my album! Which I left at home, sadly. The eyeshadow brush is also super soft and picks up pigment really well, just as I’ve heard. :D

In other news, my blog’s hit count is approaching 5,000! :D I never thought I’d get this far with just a hobby. This graph shows how many people have visited by month since May, when I first started blogging! As you see, it’s increased exponentially. (click to enlarge image) Hopefully, this keeps up!


8 responses to “Textbooks are too expensive. =/

  1. Not having to buy textbooks is the only thing I am not missing about graduating from college.

  2. Jealous of your views! Wish I had the time to blog daily this summer. But work truly sucks the life out of me :-)

    Sucks about the super expensive health science text books. Hopefully it pays off in the end! And if not, there’s always comp sí!

    • Lololol. :) Yes, comp sí. I think the Anatomy textbook with be worth it, since I think I’ll be using it next semester, too! :3 Can’t wait until you regularly post again. I miss seeing your food adventures!

  3. Omg. I love your Contemporary Masculinities books selection. And the movies? Fight Club, American Beauty, and Where the Wild Things Are <3 Love it!

  4. ahhh it’s a wonderful time to start blogging again! i can’t wait to start posting because with school back, i feel as though i have a lot to say & will actually have a computer with me most of the time between breaks.

    D: eek textbooks! tots get them on amazon because they are uber cheap! send me your email addie & i will send you my amazon student invitation so you can sign up & get free 2 day shipping on anything :)

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