Unpacked and settled in!

Hey! I just wanted to share with you all how my move-in went. : ) First of all, I absolutely love my roommate. She’s so open and chill about everything. <3 She’s very friendly, social, and has great taste. Because she moved in about two weeks earlier than me, due to marching band camp, she has already moved the furniture around. I love the layout she chose -there’s plenty of space in the center, we could both sit at our desks comfortably, and the windows aren’t obstructed. I love being woken up by the sunrise. : ) She also decorated her side of the room! It’s very colorful, and gives off a great vibe.

Here are some photos after I completely finished unpacking. I still have much decorating to do, so my side is still “under construction” until I buy a few posters or put together a magazine collage to fill up the empty spaces on the walls. This is our name tag on the suite door! (By the way, 221B also happens to be the residence of Sherlock Holmes on Baker Street.)

This is my somewhat cluttered desk (for now):

Here’s my closet. What you can’t see is my dresser, where I store the majority of my clothes. I still need to fill up my closet, though, and I need more hangers!

This is my checkerboard of friends. I just printed them out while I was at home and taped them onto the wall. Above are a few prints that I mounted onto black board. I plan to fill up the rest of my walls with more creative things, though, as soon as I find the time.

And this is my roommate’s side of the room. Just her wall, though. I think all these posters are really cool. : )

I’ll definitely keep you all updated, though, if there are any major aesthetic changes. We plan to work with our other suitemates to decorate the common room soon! I’ll let you know how that works out when it does. On a final note, I realized today how much my hair has lightened in the sun. Until next time!


6 responses to “Unpacked and settled in!

  1. i love moving into new dorms! it’s a good excuse to redecorate and throw out useless clutter! i looooooveee your checkerboard of friendship! i was thinking of making my wall of friends thing into either a double helix (like DNA, yes) or a star burst, but nothing definite until i get to my new room i guess haha. have fun settling down in school :)

  2. Enjoy your time there–it all goes by so fast.

  3. Aww Kimmy! I’m so touched :x I saw myself twice on your wall. Haha. My wall’s still under construction. Haven’t decorated it yet, haha. I miss you already! <3

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