All packed for my junior year of college. :)

Check out how organized my packing is! I leave for school this Sunday, and I made sure not to over-pack like the past two years. : )

1) This is where I packed the majority of my clothes – shirts, tops, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Last semester, I packed way too much clothing that I never/rarely wore.
2) This smaller luggage contains my pajamas, cardigans, hoodies, tights, socks, and underwear. I can always come back home when it gets cold enough to wear a jacket. :P
3&4) One box is filled with all my purses and scarves. The other holds some bedsheets, my jewelry box, and my hair accessories box.
5&6) One of these bigger boxes is where I stored all my necessary shoes for the time being. Again, I can always come back home to get my combat, rain, and winter boots. The other is where I stuffed all my cooking supplies – water boiler, boxes of tea, packs of sugar, a small pot, a small frying pan, my tea kettle, a mug, a cup, plastic forks & spoons, and lots of granola bars!
7) This little pink bin goes under the sink of my suite bathroom. It’s where I keep my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, and shaving gel. My toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial scrubs will be moved to the counter when I arrive. Oh, and my blowdryer and flat irons (I always pack two) will be kept in the bin under the sink, too.
8) Haha, this is obviously my laundry basket. Inside it are my laundry soaps, and dish washing liquid. My Hello Kitty tote bag was thrown in there randomly, too, since it didn’t fit in any of my boxes without folding it awkwardly. XD
9) My mom got this huge Victoria’s Secret tote free with a purchase one year. It’s the vehicle of transportation for my makeup bags and beauty products. :3
10) It might be difficult to see from the photo, but that black tote is my laptop bag. I purchased it at Best Buy before entering freshman year. Apart from my laptop and AC adapter.. it’s also where I packed my external hard drive, cell phone charger, iPod &+charger, camera + cable + charger, webcam, among other gadgets and cords. : )
11) This is an eco-friendly reusable tote bag that I got from PacSun about two years ago. I packed some generic school supplies in there – notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, dissecting kit, lab goggles, colored pencils, etc.
12) This recycled tote bag was from my campus bookstore, when I needed something to carry my new textbooks in. I put about 80% of my Japanese manga collection in it. I plan to sell them on eBay sometime this semester. The retail value of the contents of this bag is probably over $300. <_<
13) I received this eco-friendly reusable tote bag at a special even on campus two years ago. They were having an open-air Farmer’s Market, and a nice guy just handed it to me. :D This is basically where I stuffed everything else I needed to pack – my power strip, an extra lamp, hangers, etc.
14) Last, but certainly not least, is my Hello Kitty umbrella. Which is too long to fit in anything. =/ From previous experiences, Long Island thunder/rain/wind storms are not to be taken lightly. Because we’re right by the water, things get pretty intense.

Believe it or not, what I consider “over-packing” pales in comparison to the things that some of my friends bring. They bring entire chests of belongings! One even brought a huge ice-machine to keep in his common room. >.<; I’m glad that I don’t need much to live comfortably. Knowing me, everything would eventually just clutter up the room. In this way, I think I’m a great roommmate. :D


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