Rescuing a perfectly nice day from canceled plans. :3

Today, being the first sunny day all week, I planned to go out to Flushing with a girlfriend. But due to circumstance, plans were canceled, and I won’t be able to see her again until Winter Break. :'( So instead, I took my brother out for lunch again because I was feeling generous. We just had some Chicken & Rice at Bundu Khan, since I’ve been craving it for weeks. I’ll just re-use the picture from last time we went there to emphasize how delicious it looks!

We then took the bus to the Barnes & Noble on Utopia Parkway and Union Turpike, just because we enjoy reading. :P (I remember when I used to just sit in there and read after school sometimes during my freshman and sophomore years of high school!) For the next two and a half hours, I occupied my self with these two books, but mostly on The Road byCormack McCarthy.

Before picking up the book, I had only read a brief synopsis of the movie that’s based on it, so I had a vague idea of what it was about. Although I was only skimming through most of it, and only slowing down to focus on the critical points, I still found the writing to be very.. chilling. Almost every paragraph was suspenseful, leaving the reader with fear for what may happen next. The very concept of the world being in such ruin, and humanity turning to cannibalism as a last resort, truly frightens/sickens me. It’s very well-written, though, and I would recommend it for the strong of heart.

Afterwards, we headed across the street to Crepe ‘n’ Tearia. I have very fond memories of this quaint little cafe from high school. I remember sharing banana-nutella crepes with friends, and drinking all sorts of flavors of bubble tea! : ) My brother and I ordered a large strawberry bubble milk tea. It was good, although I much prefer mine taro-flavored. Here’s my brother, looking pleased!

Later on in the evening, my mom hemmed an old skirt for me. We bought this about three years ago, back when I was 30 lbs heavier, and I’ve just never found an occasion to wear it. Besides, it’s only now that I recognize that skirts that go below my knees are very unflattering to my figure. So what I did was cut a large portion of its length off! I’m quite happy with its new length now. The color, material, and pattern is perfect for Fall. It would match so perfectly with my new pair of brown flats, too, as long as I wear a pair of nude tights underneath. : )


3 responses to “Rescuing a perfectly nice day from canceled plans. :3

  1. Lololol “circumstances” xD

  2. I’m still upset that I didn’t get to see you ): I won’t see you till winter break. That’s so long! I want my piercing though! :D Let’s go.

    And I miss eating chicken & rice. ): So good. Aww, I love going to Barnes and Noble. So big and tons of books. :D And I’ve heard of that crepes/bubble tea place. Is that place at least decent? Oh god, now I want bubble tea. Haha.

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