[Rainy Days] don’t have to be miserable.

Despite this hideous weather (66°F & drizzling), I insisted on going out. Thus, I took my brother out to lunch at the new Asian Bowl restaurant that just opened about five blocks away from our house. We like to eat at small family-run places, mostly because they usually go out of business within a few months, and supporting them seems like the right thing to do. We went during their lunch special, which is held on weekdays between 11am and 4pm, so it was only $5.95 for each order. : ) My brother ordered General Tso’s Chicken, and I had Beef & Egg. They both came with a serving of white or brown rice, a pot of tea, and egg drop soup!

First of all, the soup was very rich, unlike the watered-down version of it at my local Chinese take-outs. Because we ended up sharing our food, I got to sample some of the General Tso’s Chicken – it was very crunchy and spicy, but a little dry. My brother really liked my Beef & Egg, though, so I gave him the rest of mine since I couldn’t finish it all. The only way to accurately describe our meal is deliciously saturated with flavor. It was so good! I would gladly come back here with friends. Hopefully, they stick around for a while. :D

Afterwards, my brother wanted to check if the Barnes & Noble near us had the latest paperback Artemis Fowl book in stock, so we decided to walk the entire 45 minutes to Lake Success. On our way there, I saw the design for the new Glen Oaks Library that is to replace our old one. I don’t know how I could have missed it, even after walking by almost ever day this summer. It looks pretty awesome, I must say. If you look closely, you can see us in the reflection! XD

When we arrived there, though, they didn’t have the right edition of the book he was looking for. He’ll have to order it online, I guess. It will probably be cheaper that way, too. We passed by Gamestop, too, where I instantly wished I had a PSP. Just because Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is an upcoming release. I’m a huge fan of the series, having played three of the games so far. The graphics, gameplay, and soundtrack for this new installment  have appealed greatly to me. The retail price of a PSP hovers around $135, too. But I probably won’t end up buying one, since I’m also thinking of buying a PS3. >.<;

On our way out of the shopping center, we cut through Sears as a shortcut, but I became distracted by the clearance rack of shoes! Both these pairs of flats were on sale for $10 each (compared to the original $30 price tag), but I told myself I’d only buy one.

The grey pair really tempted me with its cute half-bow and leopard-print insides.. but apart from being a size 5.5 (whereas I’m a size 6), the material seemed flimsy and the insoles were too soft/absorbent. And as most girls have learned from their experience with flats, absorbent = smelly. So I bought the brown pair, instead!

They’re comfy, sturdy, and the shade matches with just about everything I own. : ) The same style also came in black, but it looked too shiny and fake. At least these look like they have some sort of texture. Besides, the rest of my shoes are already black – it gets monotonous after a while. :P

In other news, while cleaning my room the other day, I found my old jewelry box! I haven’t stored anything in here for years. I thought it would be useful this semester to organize my stuff in it, as opposed to just throwing them in a small cardboard box. XD

I guess that’s all for now! I won’t be able to update as often for the next two or three weeks, though, as I’m getting ready to move back in my dorm soon. And classes start soon after! : )


7 responses to “[Rainy Days] don’t have to be miserable.

  1. The food looks BEYOND delicious. I too prefer home-style family run businesses, because theyre always better than the factory-output-like condition of fastfood chains and such. <3

  2. The food does look quite good – though I can see what you mean about the dry chicken. It’s hard to get General _____’s right. Never had beef and egg though. Next time I visit, we’ll go :D

    Oh, and don’t buy a PS3. In the end it’s too much. You gotta buy not just the console, but controllers and a bunch of 50 dollar games, as well as extra memory if you want it and a possible carrying case. Not worth it!

    PS I like your shoes :-) keep buying those instead of PS3s!

    • Of course we’ll go! We need to eat at the Indian place by me, too. :) And a PS3 does end up becoming extremely expensive. Maybe I’ll just buy a PSP when the price drops in about a year. XD And thanks! I will keep buying pretty things. <3

  3. boo to the PSP. i say if you get one, get a 3000 model and not the PSP-Go. that thing sounds like a bad idea with no game cartridge. Sony will make a killing off of online purchases! but i guess it’s like an expensive version of Steam or something :P But KH: BBS is a good reason to buy it if at all. The PS3 sounds like a good idea >:D But that’s just because I’m a Sony fangirl.

    P.S. cute flats! we are almost the same size in shoes :D

    • Hooray for tiny feet! :D KH: BBS is literally the only reason I have ever considered buying a PSP. It’s been ages since I’ve bought a new game for myself, but I’m afraid I won’t have time for it. >.<; I keep telling myself I'll have time for video games AFTER I actually have a real job post-graduation, but I doubt things will be different. XD

  4. This is bad.I just had my dinner but you’re provoking me to eat again while there is no food at home for me :cry:

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