My 20th Birthday :)

WARNING: Photo-heavy post ahead. Minimal text because I’m still exhausted.

Yesterday, my friends and I celebrated my birthday at Splish Splash – an awesome water park in Long Island. It’s a shame that so many people canceled last minute, but the rest of us still had a great time!

I was kind of worried about wearing my swimsuit, since I’ve definitely gained a few pounds over the last few weeks, but I was reassured when Mia said it was cute. : )

Going with a bunch of friends who know how to swim is a little intimidating, since I can’t go on ALL the rides. I’m also afraid of heights, too, so walking up the tall towers to get to certain slides was a little scary. It was so crowded later in the day that some lines were a 45-minute wait, too. But my favorite classic attraction was the Lazy River! Here’s us during lunchtime:

We left the park at around 4pm, and headed home to take showers and whatnot.  I welcomed everyone plus a few additional people over to my house later on to hang out, though. We played Apples to Apples, where we made our own cards. We also played Dirty Minds and Never Have I Ever, but they got tiring pretty fast. It was all super fun, though.

My family made sure everyone was fell-fed on pizza, pasta, and ice cream cake! :D I think they’re starting to get an idea that Filipino hospitality = food. XD It’s a shame that I didn’t take any picture during this time. >.<;

I wanted to watch a movie with everyone before they left, but unfortunately some of them lived more than an hour away, so the party kind of ended early. Although I didn’t expect any presents, I was really surprised with how thoughtful some of friends are. :D Almost everyone knows that I’m a sucker for cards with long, written, personalized, and meaningful paragraphs inside of them. I guess I got my wish!

Some of my favorite gifts were this cute Asian figure from Peter and Felicia:

This darling flower headband from Scott:

And this earring set from Kate:

I’m grateful for everyone being able to celebrate today with me, though! I’m blessed with such great friends. : )


6 responses to “My 20th Birthday :)

  1. Aww. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it! ):I wish I went though. And I made you a special card, haha. I’ll give it to you hopefully this week. I love you.

    Btw, I love your bathing suit! Where did you get it? ): UGH, I’m jealous. Haha. You look so cute. And I’m also craving for ice cream cake, too. >_<

  2. Woo, bitchin’! Forgot I had an account. xD
    I had a great time at your party, though! Was definitely a fun time and the best way for me to see out the summer. :D Glad you liked your gift too!

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