Look what came in the mail today! :D

So the other day, my boyfriend mailed me a surprise birthday gift, and it just arrived earlier this afternoon. : ) Just the card alone made me squeal with delight. Look at how adorable it is!

He sent me a sterling silver chain necklace with a turtle charm embedded with crystals, from a jewelry boutique called Li Lu. It’s so cute! I’m so glad he knows just what to pick out for me.

He also sent me a Satsuma-scented shower gift set from The Body Shop. It smells so delicious! :D

And finally, he included a bag of Kit Kats. (My favorite popular chocolate snack!) It was kind of melty when I took them out of the package, so I stuck them in the freezer for an hour. XD

I just think it was so sweet and creative of him to go out of his way for this. <3 In other news, I just so happened to like the way my makeup and hair looked today, so I took a quick photo. I’m so pleased with how “portrait mode” on my camera makes my skin look so soft! : ) I also realize how much longer I want my hair to grow out. >.<;


3 responses to “Look what came in the mail today! :D

  1. Aww! How sweet of Michael. (: Oh god, I’m craving for KitKats. Mmm. And btw, you look super cute! <333

  2. I love that kitkat. :(

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