Album Project + Charlotte Russe

Lately, I’ve really had no motivation to work. So I spent my extra time last night updating the album I created for Michael and I. When I was younger, I used to really be into crafts – now I barely find the time to spend on them. The goal of this album is to chronicle our young memories together as a couple, so I can look back on them when I grow older. :’) On the front and back covers of the binder, I plan to create a collage made of the tickets from movies and concerts that we’ve attended together. Because it’s still under construction, here’s what the front cover looks like so far:

The inside is not only filled with photos of us, but also anything memorable. For example, I put the Valentine’s Day card he gave me last February in there. I also take magazine word clippings and paste them inside, too.  I’ve placed some cute stickers to fill up the gaps, but I know I’ll have to buy more eventually.

And because the sticky pages with plastic covers are now obsolete (due to digital photography), and can’t be found in any store within 10 miles of me, I just print the photos out and tape them onto white paper. I then place them inside clear contact sheets – the kind I used to store and organize my sheet music in. Because I want the contents to be a surprise for him when we get back to school, I’m not posting any more previews. :P

In other news, I want to talk about the changes that Charlotte Russe has been going through. Ever since I discovered it two years ago, it’s consistently been one of my favorite clothing stores. Just about everything fits my budget, and they usually don’t sacrifice quality for a cheaper price.

I stumbled upon their new website layout, though. And I find that they’re trying to step it up a bit – targeting the same crowd that Urban Outfitters caters to, but offering the styles for a significantly reduced price. Honestly, a part of me is ecstatic about this. On the other hand, another part of me knows that this change will lead to a increase in average price of their clothes.

Almost all my skinny jeans are from Charlotte Russe, mostly because they’re the only ones that actually fit me well (compared to other stores), and I bought them all for $20. I really don’t want those days to end, and have to shell out $35+ for one pair, just because the store wanted to “step up their game.” You can already see that they’re starting to release their Fall collection, and a lot of it is a couple of dollars more expensive than last year. To some, “a couple of dollars” may not seem like a big deal. But personally, a cute top being $28 instead of $20 is a deal breaker. I’m not in a position to spend any more than I earn, so I might eventually turn elsewhere for what I’m looking for if these prices keep increasing.


3 responses to “Album Project + Charlotte Russe

  1. Aww. I wish I can make a scrapbook of memories with my “imaginary” boyfriend ): Oh no, I’m getting sad now :'(

    As for Charlotte Russe, you were the first one to introduce me to the store. And I get all my skinnies from that store, haha. That reminds me – I need to go school shopping!

    • No! Don’t get sad. :'( And I remember when I introduced you to Charlotte Russe. :D I need to go clothes shopping for school, too! I go back to school on the 29th, so I’m free the entire week before that. ;)

  2. I can’t wait to see the inside! In other news, the movies we’ve seen together in theater don’t have much variety. Zombieland, Kick-Ass, and Scott Pilgrim xD. We need to see some non-action film eventually.

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