My Boyfriend Visits, Part 2

Before I get into anything, you guys should check out Michael’s food blog post on what we ate this weekend! : ) I’ve eaten so much in the past three days alone, that I’m afraid to get on the scale. :P Anyways, we drove to Roosevelt Field Mall – as it’s the largest shopping mall in New York. To sum it up, we had a fun time visiting stores that he doesn’t have in his area, especially Dylan’s Candy Bar. While we were there, I also picked up my annual “birthday present” from Sephora for being a member.

The small set includes their eyeshadow in Aspen Summit, their nano eyeliner in Silver Green, and their mascara lash plumper. When we passed by the Coach store, Michael tried to get me to choose a purse for him to buy for me as an early birthday present. Of course, I couldn’t accept! It’s the thought that matters, though. <3

After walking around the mall for a few more hours, we drove with my family to an authentic Filipino restaurant in Long Island called Guiradelco. Their food is SO GOOD. The meal was concluded with a helping of Halo-Halo, too. ; ) Afterwards, Mike and I parted ways with my family in order to stop at Target for a little back-to-school shopping for me. I bought a full-length mirror, a vanity mirror, contact solution, shampoo/conditioner, a 5-subject notebook, and a planner.

When we got home, we immediately started making a chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo crust. Needless to say, it turned out very delicious and creamy! Unfortunately, he left for home in Massachusetts tonight. :'( I’ll be seeing him again at school in two weeks, though. I can’t wait. :3


2 responses to “My Boyfriend Visits, Part 2

  1. That Oreo cheesecake looks so good! Lol. And that reminds me. I have to do some school shopping soon.

  2. Nuuuu. The Coach thing was our little secret! Buying you a cup of water, for real now!
    Nice cheesecake picture, btw!

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