My Boyfriend Visits, Part 1

Hey, guys! Sorry for not updating in so long. But as the title suggests, my boyfriend Michael is visiting me in New York this weekend. : ) He arrived yesterday afternoon, and we spent all day today touring Queens. Before we even left my house, though, we indulged in some delicious Filipino breakfast – fried rice, scrambled eggs, longanisa, and tocino! Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of our meal. I do have one of us driving, though!

Our first stop was Flushing Meadows Corona Park – probably the most defining landmark in Queens. I’m pretty sure the gigantic metal globe and two “alien” towers from the Men in Black movie are recognizable by a lot of people, though.

After spending a while walking around the huge park, we got back in the car and headed for Flushing. We toured the botanical gardens there! It was a little disappointing that it’s not free anymore, though. (They charged us a $2 at the entrance gate.) I’m so glad that the flowers were still in bloom, though.

We spent a good amount of time in there before leaving to get some lunch. I wasn’t hungry, but Michael was starving! We happened to pass by a restaurant I’ve never seen before called Excellent Thai and decided on eating there. He ordered curry chicken over rice, and I just got an avocado shake. : ) Once again, I don’t have photos.

As we were about to leave Flushing, we went into a purikura (photobooth) store called Toto’s. Every time I’ve gone there, my friends and I have used the cheap $6 Korean machines, but we decided to be daring today and use the $10 Japanese machines. Believe me when I say it’s significantly better! The backgrounds and light settings are super cute, and the stamps and decorations are very finely detailed. The prints are super high-quality, too. Here’s my share of our set today. Click for a larger view!

Because we were really tired from walking around all day, we drove to Bayside Marina. We then spent the next hour or so walking down the trail, enjoying the breeze by the water, and sitting on the grass in the shade of trees. Can you say relaxing? :D We also stopped by an Asian market in Little Neck afterwards.

Upon arriving home, we attended a Filipino party (which automatically means eating a ton of food) two houses away. We also decided to go out and see the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World at Douglaston Plaza.

To be honest, the movie wasn’t all that everyone was raving about. Sure, it’s different from many movies released this year. I also do appreciate that it’s strongly video game themed. But the fact that the movie was trying too hard to be different really irritated and ruined it for me. Many scenes were quite unnecessary, and although the main character is supposed to be lovably awkward.. he was awkward to the point where I almost disliked him. Additionally, the main female protagonist wasn’t very special, apart from her neon hair and punky clothes. If she had more character, it would have made the movie much more enjoyable for me. Finally, I didn’t like the ending. Not spoiling anything, just stating an opinion.

We got out of the theater at around 10pm, at which point we drove to another (different) Filipino party and pigged out again. After about an hour, we returned home with my family, and almost immediately went to bed exhausted! With that, I say goodnight to you all. XD


2 responses to “My Boyfriend Visits, Part 1

  1. Wow, how cute! Lol. The purikura pictures are adorable btw! And I just saw your boyfriend’s food blog and man, was I hungry. Haha. And the movie? Ugh, sounds disappointing. I was looking forward to seeing that movie.

    • Awww, thanks! We should totally go sometime. :D And I’ve been eating so much this weekend, I probably gained five pounds already. :P Oh, and don’t get me wrong, the movie is still worth seeing. It’s just not for me, haha.

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