Some thoughts.

This afternoon, my family came home from camping! It’s an annual event that they go on with several other Filipino families during this time of year. The reason I didn’t go with them was because I had to stay home, wait for an important phone call for my brother, and work. I never end up enjoying myself, anyway. :X Apparently, though, they went to an outlet mall for a bit of shopping. My mom bought me this cute dress at Ann Taylor Loft. : )

Although it’s already nearing the end of summer, I could always find ways to incorporate my warmer-weather clothes into other seasons. For example, I love the look of black tights and boots with a floral dress. I know it’s a bit early to already be thinking of these things, but I’m too excited for Fall fashion. :P Besides, I can’t take this heat anymore! I can barely stay in my room for more than a minute without breaking a sweat. I’ve been living in my basement this entire season. D;

But with going back to school comes new stresses and anxieties. Lately, I’ve been losing a lot of sleep over worrying about my education and future. I used to be a Nursing major, but recently switched over to Health Science when I realized that it wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, hospitals and clinics only tend to hire nurses in the state of this economy. =/ I know finding a job will be difficult after graduation, but I know that if I keep working hard, good things will come to me.

I’ve already decided that my specialty during senior year will be Medical Dosimetry and Radiation Therapy. I think it would be amazing if I could help treat cancer patients for a living. Each of the classes only have five to seven available seats, though, which scares me a lot. I’ve spent countless hours during this week alone doing research on different Oncology programs in New York that I could apply for after graduation. But just the thought of not knowing where I’ll end up in life makes me nauseous. All I know is that I don’t want to spend half of my life in school, and then the other half working to pay off my debts through student loans. : (

I mean, I don’t want an overly luxurious life. If anything, the three things I want the most right now out of my future are 1) a nice apartment/house, 2) to be able to support my own family if I choose to have one, and 3) a walk-in closet.


5 responses to “Some thoughts.

  1. hello! yea i am on a blogging hiatus for a bit. i think i need to fix up my own shenanigans before i start up a new one, just because i don’t like how ranty and emotionally involved my entries were getting. i prefer posting things that are relative for other people to read & enjoy :) i’ll probably start it up here again in the fall, so you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

    btw that dress is adorable! so nice of your mom to pick it up. throw on a long boyfriend cardigan, some tights, & short boots, i feel a fall outfit emerging lol.

    i don’t know, i wouldn’t be too, TOO worried if you don’t know what to do with the rest of your life. i used to stress because every minute detail in my life wasn’t planned, but saw that things happen, so i had to readjust my plans and go with the flow. i personally wouldn’t mind spending an abnormally long time in school, just because i’m slow like that, and have come to realize i somewhere deep down inside almost enjoy science in academia.

    although oncology sounds like a really awesome field. i would imagine you would meet some of the bravest souls there.

    gooooddd lucccckkk :D

    • Yay! I can’t wait. : ) Just curious – what will it mostly be centered on? And thank you for the support, I really believe that oncology might be for me. It doesn’t stop me from stressing out over how almost every post-baccalaureate program in NY only has four seats per year, and a whopping tuition cost! >.<;

      • I know NYC is so competitive! But don’t let that deter you >:D

        Hmm if I blog again, I would assume it would either still be a grab bag of things I find of interest or concentrate on science related things (humor, jokes, interesting articles & research, funny stuffed animals, ect.) but I haven’t completely sold on an idea yet. If you have any suggestions, be sure to let me know haha.

  2. I like your new layout. <3 hahaha

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