Garnier Nutrisse: #70 Dark Natural Blonde (Almond Creme)

This week, there was a deal at CVS for Garnier Nutrisse hair dyes. Conveniently, it’s my favorite brand of hair color! : ) The retail price is about $10, but they were on sale for $6, so I bought two boxes – one for myself, and another for my mom. For myself, I picked out Almond Creme. (I love how all the colors in this line are named after desserts or sweets!)

Every time I color my hair, the two things I want to get rid of are: 1) any black roots, and 2) the brassy orange that all brown dyes ultimately fade to after a few months. As always, I left the dye in my hair for an hour, and the color came out darker than expected. In my previous experiences, Garnier Nutrisse shades always lighten significantly after a few days in the sun, though! So I’m not worried. : ) Here’s the before and after, of both the roots and the length. (click for a larger view)


4 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: #70 Dark Natural Blonde (Almond Creme)

  1. Oh no! I couldn’t click to enlarge the second picture!

    Looks nice though. Not quite what the box shows, but it’s still a nice reddish that I’m not sure I’ve seen on you before!

  2. it still looks like a pretty color :) but the sunshine will definitely lighten it in about 2 weeks or so :D

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