Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

This morning, my family took a trip to Meadow Lake in Corona Park for the annual Dragon Boat Festival. To be honest, I imagined the boat races to be held at night amid floating candles and paper lanterns, with  intricately decorated dragon-shaped boats. But apparently, a “dragon boat” is just the name for a very slim multi-man rowboat. :X

There were a bunch of sponsored tents that were giving away free food and merchandise, but it was ridiculously crowded. (I’m not willing to wait 20 minutes on a line in the blistering heat just for a free snow cone or tote bag. Thank god I had my umbrella to shield me.) What I really enjoyed, though, were their guest musicians. The only act I got to actually see perform was The Hsu-nami, a six-piece progressive rock band. The frontman played an “erhu”, which is a classic Chinese folk instrument, that really made them sound unique. I actually thought their music was pretty good – it reminded me of the soundtracks from the Dynasty Warriors games. When I looked them up when I go back home, I was actually a little surprised to find out that they’re pretty well-known!


2 responses to “Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

  1. I know what erhus are. They are weird – and I don’t see how anyone could be good at one. And it’s not like you can go to your local music school and take erhu lessons.

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