Japanese Fashion Magazines <3

I had a phase in my life where I was obsessed with all sorts of Japanese street fashion, mainly visual kei and gothic lolita. Although those days are far behind me, that doesn’t mean I can’t still appreciate the style! I was cleaning my bookshelves today, and came across a few issues of the Gothic & Lolita Bible that I bought over three or four years ago. Because they’re imports from Japan, each one cost me about $20. >.<; Totally worth it, though, because the pages are glossy, stiff, and filled with artistically beautiful images. They include useful tutorials, awesome street snaps, and music/book/movie recommendations. Though I couldn’t read a word of it, the photos were self-explanatory.

And although not Japanese, I also found my four issues of Gothic Beauty. XD

After reminiscing, I remembered the LiveJournal community which provided me with Japanese magazine scans for free. It was a great resource, because as much as I wanted subscriptions, it just cost too much. So this community saved me a lot of money that I would have ended up wasting. :X I remember downloading every new issue of Kera as soon as it came out! XD After all these years, I would have thought it was shut down.. but fortunately for me, it’s still running. : ) Today, I found a magazine called Vivi that I really liked. It targets mostly college girls and the predominant style is mature, modern, and classy. At times, it really reminds me of indie and hipster fashion, except a step further up. Here’s the cover of the august issue, along with a sample page. Click for a larger view!

The reason I love Japanese fashion magazines of all types, though, is that American ones rarely leave me inspired. My mother subscribes to magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan – both of which contain the same boring trends as everything else. Oftentimes, many of the brands and styles they recommend are also impractical and unaffordable. =/ I mean.. when am I ever going to wear a cage dress? Seriously.


4 responses to “Japanese Fashion Magazines <3

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  2. I really used to love EGL, but I never wore it because of how horrendously overpriced the outfits were. I know it’s cheaper to make them myself but my sewing skills suck. Plus, it is impractical as you said, but def gorgeous to admire. I buy magazines from a magazine shop in Mitsuwa and most of the mags include free small bags or accessories. I like Jelly and Sweet for more practical style ideas!

    • Haha, I agree! I was in high school during my obsession, so I honestly didn’t have the money for anything that I’m capable of buying now. But even though EGL styles and brands are more accessible for purchase in my area now, it’s too impractical to invest in. :X And I’ll look into that magazine! : )

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