Mascara + Heat Protection

Despite what many of my fellow beauty junkies may think, makeup DOES have an expiration date. Expired cosmetics are breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, and you risk infection by continuing to use them. Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog, whose posts I love and regularly read, gives us the general shelf life of different kinds of products here.

Fortunately for me, the only thing I’ve ever had expire on me was nail polish and mascara. And this was just the case the other morning when I opened my tube of Maybelline Great Lash BIG, only to smell a FOUL odor. And it was right on time, too, as I’ve had it for about 3.5 months now. Needless to say, I threw it out immediately, and took a walk to the drugstore for a new one. There, I picked up a tube of Maybelline Full N’ Soft mascara, in Very Black. Look at the effect it has on my wimpy lashes! (The difference is much more dramatic in real life.)

Full N’ Soft is definitely much better than Great Lash. It doesn’t clump, looks very natural, and gives the appearance of brighter and bigger eyes. Two coats lengthens my lashes significantly, and holds a nice curl. They don’t make my lashes flake or feel stiff – like the name, they leave them soft to the touch! Though I’ve only been through about four or five different mascaras, this has been the best so far. :o

On another note, while I was at CVS, I was disappointed to not find a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Heat Protection Spray, since my dear friend Mia recommended it to me. Here she is, being adorable:

I’ve never used a Heat Protectant before, and that’s probably why I’ve had a history of damaged hair. I mean, look at all the harmful things I do to it – I dye, straighten, blowdry, and curl on a regular basis! >.<; So instead, I bought a bottle of TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray. I’ve also heard great things about this, and it’s pretty cheap for only $5. : )

Also, I’m sorry for being on such a makeup binge these past few weeks. I just haven’t had any drive for anything else this summer. I spend most of my days working indoors or doing errands around the neighborhood, neither of which require me to get all dressed up and fashion-conscious. I’m sure that when I get back to school, though, my posts will definitely be more diverse. And because I love food so much, I’ll leave you guys with a picture of what I made last night for dinner. It’s a soup that consists of garlic, onion, clams, ginger, and patis. It’s best served on top of white rice, with fried tofu on the side. Yum!


2 responses to “Mascara + Heat Protection

  1. did you get eye lid surgery?

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