I finally got a haircut! :D

Hey guys! Remember the last time I showed you what my hair looked like? I was going crazy with having it all the same length, so I finally went out to get it cut this morning. : ) I’ve been going to the same salon since I was eight years old – it’s called Touch of Class, in Floral Park. I know all the hairdressers by name, and today I had Gina. I just asked her to trim my split ends, layer the back, and angle the front. I’m really pleased with the way it came out – the front came out a little too short, though, but it’ll grow back before school starts. Pics!

Sorry about the last one being taken by my webcam – my camera’s battery died right after taking the first one, and I was too lazy to charge it again. :X Anyway, I hope the cut looks fine when I curl my hair! I also don’t plan on dyeing my hair until the end of August, either. This is the color I’m going for next time:

It may be almost impossible for my hair to achieve that shade, and last for over a month without fading, but a girl can dream! >.<;


4 responses to “I finally got a haircut! :D

  1. I really like how it looks in the front! You’re like a more tan Charlize Theron.

  2. Omg. I love your haircut! :) It’s cute. I like Touch of Class, but it’s a bit pricey for me ):

    But, I still love it<3

    • Thank you, love. Touch of Class *is* a bit pricey, but I only get a haircut less than once a year. You go several times. :P So my $30 is well spent in the end! Miss you. <3

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