Flea Market @ Aqueduct Racetrack

After going to church this morning, my mother called up her closest friends to check out the flea market at the Aqueduct Racetrack near JFK Airport. Apparently, it’s always open from May until December, but we’ve never had the chance to actually go. There were some pretty good deals there! There were vendors for practically everything, and if I were carrying more money on me, I would have probably spent it all. :X

Going to a flea market to buy clothes isn’t the best idea. To be honest, it might just be a waste of time. I just think that despite the really low prices, most of the clothing there is too low-quality to be worth it. On the other hand.. things like shoes, purses, sunglasses, and watches can be bought at a great price. After passing a perfume vendor, my mom offered to buy me a new bottle of perfume, since I’ve been running low on my current scent (Vera Wang Rock Princess). I tried a few of the perfumes, and ended up liking Marc Jacobs Daisy the best.

Just to compare prices.. the retail value of 3.4 fl oz of Daisy is $72. The same bottle at the flea market was $38, but my mom talked the woman into giving it to her for $28. Exact same product and volume, for less than half the price. :P My mom’s friend later haggled a different perfume vendor to sell her a bottle of Chanel for $15. XD

I also saw some other cool stuff, too! There was an entire tent that sold bamboo plants, bonzai trees, and rock fountains. There was a MAC vendor there, too, but I recognized the products as part of collections from last Fall or earlier – I bet most of them were already expired or dried up. My brother spent half an hour at an umbrella vendor trying to pick out what color he wanted. He ended up getting a flowery blue one. >.<; I really wanted to get a knockoff designer purse, since they looked great and were only $5 to $10, but decided I didn’t need one. I bought a cupcake necklace from an Asian jewelry vendor instead.

Note that it’s the exact same necklace I’ve seen being sold at Metro Park and small jewelry boutiques in the city for $14. I got it for only $6. It’s so cute, too – I can wear it with just about everything I have! :3 As we were leaving, my mom says she wants to come back in a few months for some Christmas shopping, so hopefully this isn’t the last time I’ll be here. : ) Oh, and on a final note, this is the bbq we ate this afternoon when my Tita Delia came over. Delicious!


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