I’m so frustrated with my body. :(

I’m usually NOT this insecure about my body, but the hormones have really been taking over recently. I haven’t lost any weight this month, despite only eating about 900 calories a day and burning 300 daily by taking a long walk in the evening. It’s extremely frustrating, and it’s difficult to feel confident when I see how huge I look in pictures. Additionally, I’m starting to realize that even if I lost some weight, the bone structure of my face wouldn’t allow for a more defined jawline. >.<; I’ve also been having a variety of symptoms that could possibly mean nothing – a summer cold, sore muscles, frequent headaches, tingling feet, etc. The sun has been tanning my face and body in a disturbingly uneven way, too. All of these may just be me being paranoid, but it’s been getting me down lately. =/

In other news, I cooked up something delicious last night! I forgot what it’s called in Tagalog, though. It’s a mixture of onions, diced potatoes, pork, white soybean sprouts, and patis (fish sauce). Look!

I also had some free time today, and deko’d my extra phone cover. If you haven’t read my previous posts about dekoden.. I suggest that you do to understand what it is, exactly. Unfortunately, silicone glue takes about 3 to 4 days to dry – but when that time comes, it really doesn’t budge. XD The black roses are actually earrings that were too big for my lobes. I swear the placement looks better in real life. :P


3 responses to “I’m so frustrated with my body. :(

  1. I wish you wouldn’t feel so insecure. It’s all in your head. You aren’t fat or overweight or ugly or unevenly tanned or anything.

    I’m sure that all your symptoms and feeling bad about yourself are all due to stress. When you’re home, you’re not supposed to feel constantly on guard. You’ve said yourself that except for your brother, you feel more at home at school than at home. I suspect that come September you’ll start to feel a lot better. Until then, keep on fighting and keeping yourself occupied!

    PS the dish looks delicious :-)

  2. Keep your head up, we all have days like that. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m sure you look just fine. If your hormones are going haywire, it’s definitely in your head.

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