Weekend Recap

Saturday: I spent the first half of the day at Coney Island with my family. To be honest, there’s not much to see or do, but perhaps I only thought so because it was intolerably hot. Apart from being in a really bad neighborhood in Brooklyn, the majority of people who spend their time there are either European tourists or shady boardwalk vendors. Not my kind of scene. >.<; Later on in the day, we drove to my godmother’s for a block party. Lots of bbq, friendly people, games in the street, line dancing, and live music. : )

Sunday: It was Joseph’s 16th birthday – and he’s like another brother to me. My brother and I spent the entire day at his house, celebrating through lots of pizza and video games. I’m glad I kept the party entertained by coodinating game of Guesstures and Pictionary. It was also like a mini LAN party, too, since everyone there had their laptops. :X

I’ve also come to the realization that my hair is getting way too long and shapeless. I’ve gotten so used to layered (or razored) haircuts in the past that having it all one length now is getting annoying. I’ve been thinking about either going to the salon and just asking to getting long layers, or taking a huge step into unfamiliar territory and asking for a reverse asymmetrical bob. :X Either way, I’ll make a decision by next week.


6 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Is that how Coney Island is like, right now? :\ Boo.

    And btw, I can’t wait to see your new haircut! <3

  2. Your hair is so rong!

  3. Mine is pretty long too. It’s kind of random when it looks good or bad. I haven’t figured out a formula yet.

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