I hate canceled plans. :(

Today, I was supposed to go to Splish Splash with a bunch of old high school friends. Unfortunately, complications arose, and we had to cancel. =/ I was really excited to go to a water park this month, too! Hopefully, we’ll just reschedule. It was going to rain and thunderstorm today anyway. To cheer myself up, I took my brother out for some Italian ice at a pizzeria that just opened up in our neighborhood. :D

I’ve also been running low on lipgloss, so we headed to CVS afterwards. This tube of Ultra Last Lipstick by New York Color caught my eye. And for only $2, I barely had to think twice about it. Rose Gold is a very pretty pink with a touch of peach and tiny gold sparkles – it’s the perfect summer shade to match with the yellow undertones of my tan skin. Unfortunately, my camera can’t capture how lovely (or shimmery) this color really is.

I was also looking for a replacement for my beloved Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil, and ended up buying the Rimmel Special Eyes Precision Eyeliner Pencil in Black Magic. When I got home and tried it, I was almost afraid to admit that I prefer this over my UD pencil. It applies dark, smooth, and doesn’t smudge. I like the consistency of the pigment better because it’s not slippery on my upper lids, and for 1/4 the price of UD, I would definitely repurchase in the future. <3


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