Times Square :)

Today, my friend Anjelica and I checked out the new Forever 21 in Times Square. It was much bigger than I had imagined! There were four whole floors of deliciousness. <3 There was even an entire level dedicated solely to F21 jewelry, cosmetics, bags, and shoes! :o Needless to say, it was like shopping heaven for us. XD I bought this dark blue tanktop for only $12 – check out the sexy lace panels on the sides.

Everything is so affordable at Forever 21. : ) I saw 6-pair set of earrings for $4, a pack of faux pearl bracelets for $3, and dresses for under $20. I love their styles, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if half my wardrobe will have been bought from this store within two years! Check out how cute Jelly and I are, rocking some of their hair accessories:

We also stopped by Sephora so I could purchase their Nano Eyeliner in 03 Pure White. I’ve been meaning to get one ever since watching this YouTube video. Michelle Phan is so pretty! Lining your waterline with white really does open up your eyes, and it gives the illusion of them being bigger and brighter. Which is exactly what I need. :P


2 responses to “Times Square :)

  1. Wow, you and Anjelica got taller! (First picture)

  2. Lol, Michael! Oh man, we look sexy! (First picture.)

    Aww, finally, I’m on your blog! :) <3 I had fun, hun.

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