There was a Japanese Street Fair earlier today between St. Mark’s and Union Square in the city! I dragged my friends Kate, John, and Katrina with me. :P It was a very disappointing, since it was advertised as being predominantly about Japanese pop culture, but it was lacking. A lot of people were dressed up, though! The cosplay singer Reni Mimura was there, too, but I didn’t think she was anything special when she performed.

As always, there were cute little Asian goodies under the vendor tents. This included little mini fans shaped like characters, and roses that unfolded into thongs! XD

It got boring really fast, though, and we just walked around the surrounding area for a couple of hours. The heat was ridiculous, and we kept having to find shelter within air conditioned stores :X What really stood out was the huge Halloween store on 4th ave. I don’t remember the name, but it was pretty impressive how much they had in stock. They practically had every costume in existence packed away in there. :o


2 responses to “JapanTown

  1. I always tend to ponder somewhat harder about almost everything right after I browse someone new’s site and their own observations. There are several fantastic brain food sites out there and I really feel like I just had a fine portion here browsing yours. I basically wound up here via Yahoo when I was doing a bit of research for some course work that I have. Had a blast going through your posts and I’m going to be adding you to my Google Reader to help keep track later on. Many thanks!

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