Garnier Nutrisse: B1 Cool Brown (Iced Macchiato)

Today, my friend Edwin came over to hang out, watch movies, and dye his hair. We went to Rite Aid to get him a box of Garnier Nutrisse B1, Iced Macchiato. I’m quite happy with the results. Here are some pics:

Additionally, my audio submission finally got accepted onto Newgrounds! I had to wait about a month before they reviewed it, and it’s finally posted. Click here to listen to it. The track is called “Test, Test.” and I wrote it on FL Studio a few months ago. It’s not perfect, I admit, but I plan to create more complicated patterns and melodies in the future. Please rate it a 5 on the left corner. Thanks!


2 responses to “Garnier Nutrisse: B1 Cool Brown (Iced Macchiato)

  1. Hair looks like…well…iced coffee! Rating your song nao.

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