I can summarize my weekend with..

1) Grey’s Anatomy. As I’ve probably mentioned before, television has never been  a significant part of my life until this summer. After catching a couple of interesting episodes on Lifetime, I decided to torrent this series by the season. I absolutely love the diversity of this cast. My favorite character thus far is Cristina Yang. : )

2) My brother going away for camp. As you’ve probably already gathered, I’m extremely close with my 14-year-old younger brother. He’s gone from today until next Sunday for an orientation camp in upstate New York for his new high school. They grow up so fast. :’) I’m just so used to him being around, that I’ll probably feel like I’m missing an arm for the next 7 days.

3) Ginataan. My mother and I cooked this delicious Filipino dessert today. The ingredients we used include: coconut milk, condensed milk, red beans, rice, and rice flour balls. SO GOOD. It’s a shame that we didn’t add any bananas, jackfruit, or yam, though. It would have completed the experience. XD

4) Listening to tons of new music. I’ve just been downloading a bunch albums by so many new artists! Some of these include: 65daysofstatic, The xx, Mono, Her Space Holiday, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Postal Service. I’m a sucker for pretty album art, too!


6 responses to “I can summarize my weekend with..

  1. 1. Of course you like Gray’s Anatomy. You’re a girl.
    2. I think I’m the only person who will ever read this who gets the last sentence. Inside jokes ftw.
    3. I WANT SOME
    4. Some bands I haven’t heard of. The xx is boring, Mono is good, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are REALLY good. Which album?
    Miss you.

    • I agree that The xx is boring. Their play count on Last.fm deceived me! D; And I thought you would notice the arm bit. Haha. I’ll make you some Filipino food when we get back on campus. I miss you, too. <3

  2. Aww! I know how you feel about your brother being away. I would feel the same way, too. Ginataan? I’ve never heard of that before. Mmm, sounds good. And, I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Have you heard their latest album? So good.

  3. I love The xx!

  4. Haha really? I don’t know anyone else who likes them other than David!

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