Monistat vs Smashbox

Last year, I accumulated enough points at Sephora to earn myself a bunch of little product samples. The most memorable of these samples was the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I remember how smooth and matte it made my skin look and feel. Unfortunately, I was only able to get about three or four uses out of the package before my mom threw it out, mistaking it for “garbage.” >.<;

I’m afraid to admit it, but aging skin runs in the family, and it’s a shame that I already want to stop the process in my current youth. My pores are becoming huge! After doing a little research, I found several beauty blogs that mentioned a product called Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel. It contains most of the same ingredients (particularly dimethicone) as the Smashbox Primer for a much more affordable price.

The 1.5 oz. tube of the Monistat goes for about $8, whereas the 1 oz. pump of Smashbox costs a whopping $36. To put this into perspective, 3 oz. of each would cost $16 and $108, respectively. So, being the reasonable person I am, I walked down to my local CVS today and bought a tube of the Monistat Powder-Gel. : )

The first thing I noticed after applying it onto my face was how well it hid my pores, evened out my skin tone, and gave it an overall silky and matte look. Hooray for no more oil-induced shininess! In comparison to the Smashbox Primer, though, I like this better because it feels lighter but does the same (if not better) job. And although it is a foundation primer, it’s perfectly fine to be worn alone. And, believe me, my skin has never looked so smooth! :o The only makeup I’m wearing in this photo, apart from the Monistat, are on my eyes. Click for a more detailed view!


4 responses to “Monistat vs Smashbox

  1. Lookin good! And I like that you’re getting more comfortable with your hair wavey. I’m sure it’s becoming much healthier.

  2. Omg! You look gorgeous. I’m jealous of your skin. Lol. It looks super smooth and perfect :)

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