Gaining Weight Sucks

I’m tired of my constant weight fluctuations. I’m still not sure if it’s mostly water or not, but I stepped on the scale last night to find myself a whole five pounds heavier than last week. :'( So I’ve come to the conclusion that this must end. What I did during a couple semesters ago, to keep myself from gaining the “freshman fifteen”, was good old calorie counting. I kept a small notepad in my purse wherever I went, wrote down everything I ate that day, and an estimation of how many calories they were worth. I tried to keep below a 1400-calorie total on most days, drank only water, and it worked out pretty well for me.

Unfortunately, my binge eating has increased to a dangerous rate. There’s been a heat wave for the past couple of days – leading me to live on a diet comprised solely of ice cream, Italian ice, Nutella sandwiches, and sweetened beverages. >.<; For the next two months, I’ll just try to watch what I eat, and go out for longer power walks around my neighborhood in the evening. My daily goal is about 1200 or under, since I spend most days just sitting around and working indoors. Hopefully, the pounds will melt right off in this ridiculous heat. x_x


Here’s my log for today, to show you guys an example:

200 – cereal & milk
160 – turkey & wheat bread
600 – salad, rice, & bbq pork
180 – Neapolitan ice cream
000 – Diet Peach Iced Tea
1140 total calories


7 responses to “Gaining Weight Sucks

  1. calorie counting journals help a lot when done diligently, but 1200 cal is dangerously low. just remember the basal caloric need of a typical woman is about 1700-1800 cal per day.

    1400 daily is pretty low also, but that would probably cut off about 1-2lbs weekly. try to do a mini muscle toning workout indoors if you are worried about breaking the calorie bank, sort of speak. your endorphins will probably make you feel much better & it’s way healthier :)

    not to say i’m the ideal weight loss go to person (in fact i do a lot of cardio & yoga weekly since my freshmen year, but haven’t really lost any fat or weight at all), but these are my opinions from a long term personal health point of view.

    g’luck :D!

    • Thanks! The reason I want to stay at or below 1200 is because my nutritionist from a couple years ago told me that my daily caloric intake should be around 1500. But since I have very little to no real physical activity from day to day, I have to make up for it somehow. :X I’m thinking of downloading a bellydancing tutorial workout video to get burning, though. Haha.

      • I’ve been dying to try belly dancing, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it or have the funds to! It’s a real fat burner though, and to learn how to shimmy right would be pretty awesome :D

  2. Ugh, I feel the same way, Kimmy. Oh btw, there’s a gym right across Mandee’s. I keep forgetting to sign up for it. I’m just wondering if you want to go together. (: And I’ve been eating so much ice cream, but I cut down my sweetened drinks, to just water. Oh, belly dancing tutorial? Haha. Show me!

    • Unfortunately, I’m going to be spending hours and hours of the rest of this summer working. :'( I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym 4 times a week like I do at school. And money is an issue, too. I don’t want to sign up for a gym program that I know I won’t be using to its full extent. Maybe we can go walking or jogging, though?

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  4. Great sharing this.

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