Bath & Body Works

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was how I walked into Bath & Body Works and fell in love with some of their newer scents. The packaging alone for their perfume line is enough to draw me in! XD The three fragrances I was interested in most were Japanese Cherry Blossom, P.S. I Love You, and Twilight Woods. According to their website, here’s the rundown of what exactly comes together to create these three delicious scents.

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Top Notes: Asian Pear, Fuji Apple and Ume Plum
Mid Notes: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Butterfly Lily, Kyoto Rose, Mimosa Petals and Hedione
Base Notes: Vanilla Rice, Imperial Amber, Silk Musk, Cinnamon Incense, Himalayan Cedarwood and Creamy Sandalwood

P.S. I Love You
Top Notes: Fresh Citrus, Lychee, Peony, Yellow Rose, Sparkling Riesling
Mid Notes: Scarlet Velvet Rose, Orchid, Purple Lilies, Jasmine, Hypnotic Incense
Base Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Golden Amber, Musk

Twilight Woods
Top Notes: Juicy Berry, Sparkling Mandarin, hint of Coconut
Mid Notes
: Creamy Frangipani, Soft Mimosa, Wet Honeysuckle, Wild Freesia, Apricot Nectar
Base Notes: Oud Wood, Skin Musk Captive, Vanilla Milk, Warm Woods

*drools* I’m sucker for exotic fragrances, especially the floral and fruity combination! The only downside is that I really don’t want to spend $30 on these. >.<; The current perfume I use is Vera Wang’s Rock Princess, which has since been discontinued, and I’m running out fast. I’ve considered getting the $12 fragrance mist in one of these scents, instead, but the packing leaves a lot to be desired. =.=; I also hear that they have the “watered-down” smell. But we’ll see!


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