Roosevelt Field Mall

Today, I was sent on some more errands by my mom. Having not been to Roosevelt Field Mall since Black Friday last November, I was really surprised with the many changes it has gone through! First of all, several of my favorite stores have gone through an upgrade and were relocated to larger spaces within the mall. Second, many new stores have been added to the directory. : )

I remember when Sephora used to occupy a tiny, alley-like area – now it’s almost three times larger! Both H&M and Forever 21 have expanded into two floors, as well. I was most impressed that American Apparel managed to get a decent-sized space, too, especially since there aren’t any near where I live apart from the city.

As for my errands.. my brother needed sneakers, and my mother needed denim shorts and grey office pants. I couldn’t believe how long it took to find a decent pair of shorts that weren’t “trendy”. I was just looking for plain denim shorts for my mom , meaning no rips or bleach stains or unhemmed cutoffs, for under $25. But I had to go through about nine stores just to find them. I don’t mean to criticize trends, but it’s getting a little out of hand when you can’t find classic styles for a reasonable price.

Needless to say, I was able to get everything on my list. I finally found a pair of shorts at Forever 21 for $14, where I also managed to pick up this lace tanktop for $4.  FOUR DOLLARS. <3 I think the lace is adorable. And it’s okay that it’s black, since it’s a basic. Though I’m a little scared to find out how much of a spender I’ll turn out to be when my paycheck comes in 15 days. XD


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