So I have this problem..

..where I can’t stop myself from buying something when I’m at a shopping center and it’s on sale. >.<; I was out on some errands at Lake Success – I had to bring my brother to a salon to get a haircut, and buy Gamestop gift cards for his friends’ parties that he’ll be attending in the upcoming weeks. I walked into New York & Company (which I love to death), just to look around, and walked out of the store with this.

For only $9.99, I couldn’t help myself. Staying true to my summer resolution, I didn’t get this top in black, and I couldn’t be happier. :D The cut reminds me of the dress Pocahontas wore in the animated Disney movie! I was going to get it in peach, but it was a little too sheer. Here’s the website photo for reference:


One response to “So I have this problem..

  1. Aww. Cute top! :)

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